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Hi!! I'm BACK!!!

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  • Hi!! I'm BACK!!!

    Just kidding!!!

    I just wanted to let everyone know i'm still alive and still on the pow-wow trail. No sudden lesbianism has occurred but mischevious drunkenness has. hahaha

    I just wanted to give a shout out to all my future snags all of which are male (and maybe traditional dancers) aye JK!!!

    well anyways keep up the site. while i'm gone. be back on at the end of the month! :)

    The only time its too late to start dancing is when you're dead.

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    Chuggy wait come back :Chatter :Chatter Howdy there Gurlie we will try aiight ;)
    *~*~*~Do Not Lead me in to Temptation I can Find it myself*~*~*~ :D :uptosomet


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      hey hey! howz it goin! :)
      The only time its too late to start dancing is when you're dead.


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        *runs to Super, jumps on her w/ big mama huggies*

        SUPER!!! What??? No phone calls, no up dates....

        Glad you made it back in one buzzed up piece!!!

        Now what the next move??? Where ya going?? Who ya snaggin??

        uhhh, where ya going to go snagg???????:Chatter


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          Hi your back! :Teeth
          r e z o f f i c i a l m u s i c


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            Supa you ole hickey bait, come back soon. :D


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              Dannnnggg girl! I've been wondering where u been. and why I havent been laughing as much!! LOL

              Hurry back!!
              "A single tear found it's way down her face. She swallowed in an effort to choke back the flood that threatened to follow. She lifted her chin. She was an Apache. Her captors would NOT see her cry...."
              --Walks Alone, Brian Burks

              "My hair is long, my skin is tan, my eyes brown, and my heart strong. I am an Apache woman. I will not be broken."


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                Super wait! Come back! We miss you! :D So no where are you going? Have you been dancing at these pws or just snaggin'? :p

                Oh and whats with the lesbianism? :lol2:


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                  You go somewhere or somthing:Thinking J/K :D
                  ***Edited for explicit content***


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                    Hey, good to see your alive and well.. miss your posts...:p hurry back.. k
                    "finding your best friend in life and love is glorious"


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                      Hey nice of you to check in. Been wondering what you was up to. :D


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                        I'll tell Jim Model of Motel 6 to keep the light on for you.
                        Poetry is life in print.




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                          *throws confetti in tha air* I'mma champion dancer now:D lol
                          (¯`·._)Ït §M꣣$ £¡kë ®åíñßÕw§ (¯`·._)


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                            Originally posted by ndn_butterfly
                            *throws confetti in tha air* I'mma champion dancer now:D lol
                            Freeposter! lol. Congrats.


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                              Originally posted by ndn_butterfly
                              *throws confetti in tha air* I'mma champion dancer now:D lol
                              "We see it as a desecration not only of a mountain but of our way of life. This is a genocidal issue to us. If they kill this mountain, they kill our way of life." ~Debra White Plume


                              Join the online community forum celebrating Native American Culture, Pow Wows, tribes, music, art, and history.




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