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  • thar she blows!

    Redoubt finally erupted about 45 minutes ago... as to how bad or where the ashes will go, we don't know yet.

    Alaska Volcano Observatory - Redoubt - Activity Page
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    ok plume at 50,000 ft
    Don't worry that it's not good enough for anyone else to hear... just sing, sing a song.sigpic


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      is that near yalls...are yalls okay ?


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        an i clicked the link but okay clueless what im looking at except for code red an warning....

        Code Definitions
        RED: Eruption is imminent with significant emission of volcanic ash into the atmosphere likely OR eruption is underway or suspected with significant emission of volcanic ash into the atmosphere [ash-plume height specified, if possible].
        WARNING: Hazardous eruption is imminent, underway, or suspected.


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          yes it's erupted 5 times now and ashfall has been reported in Trappers Creek but not expected to fall on Anchorage or Wasilla (where I live is next to Wasilla). I sent my kid to school with a mask in her backpack anyhow... we have been having strong to hurricane force gusts out here today and I'd rather her have one and not need it then not have one and the fall change direction.
          Don't worry that it's not good enough for anyone else to hear... just sing, sing a song.sigpic


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            omigosh! I hope the wind doesn't shift. I can't believe the plume is 50,000FT!!!!!! How scary!

            Wish I was there to see it though!
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              For those who don't know here is a map showing the location of Mount Redoubt:
              mount redoubt, alaska - Google Maps

              And here is
              Alaska Volcano Observatory - Redoubt - Activity Page
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                She erupted the other day with a plume that went 65,000 feet and a pilot got some good pics of it. The airport is closed now.. no one in or out of anchorage. Homer and Kenai got dusted and it erupted again this morning sending an ash cloud headed our way this morning but I guess the wind changed and they called off the watch/warning. Last time this volcano went off it erupted for 5 months.
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                  How exciting!
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                    Ok Saturday most of the cook inlet area got dusted but somehow it missed Palmer where I live LOL! I was in Wasilla though watching a movie when it happened and when I came out there was ash all over the top of my car. And the air smelled like sulpher and burned the eyes and throat.. nasty! Most people who lived in the northwest know what I'm talking about if they lived there during Mt. St. Helens... this is my first volcano LOL!

                    Ok here is map to show in correlation to the volcano we are (note, Mt. Spur is an active volcano too but not right now) so you got an idea.

                    and heres a link to photos taken of the volcano and it's effects

                    Redoubt: Volcanoes in Alaska |
                    Don't worry that it's not good enough for anyone else to hear... just sing, sing a song.sigpic


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                      Hope your windows are airtight. I've got a few things made from Mt. St. Helens ash back when it blew. My dad was traveling in the area about a month later and got them. Ya'll stay safe and keep your noses and mouths covered.
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                        OMG! Now I'm scared!! Those lightning pics would have had me falling to my knees! Honestly, if I would have saw that across the inlet from our old house, I would have packed up and left the country. Of course now I live just a blast away from the largest volcano in NA - the Yellowstone Caldera.

                        I hope everyone stays safe and it just keeps giving off nice little puffs and no huge explosion. Yes, I'm knocking on wood!
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                          wow...hope you stay safe...I would rather watch it in the
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                            This is the only time I am glad that I am not back home.


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                              NO SHYT!!! I'm trying to email all my cousins in Ninilchik and hoping they're going to be ok.

                              In the side of our old driveway, you could see where several feet down there was an 18 inch layer of ash from the Mt. Katmai eruption a century ago. That could do some serious damage!!
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