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Opinions on cars in high altitude

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  • Opinions on cars in high altitude

    After being hit 2 weeks ago, my car is totalled out and i need to find another.

    If all goes well i plan on moving into northwest in the not so distant future.(probably Montana)

    I am thinkin i should get something with all wheel drive, for mountanous terrain and snowy conditions.

    DOnt know much about cars. Had a honda element, and it was great for packing tons of supplies and hittin the road for trips.

    Anyway, just figured since this is the only forum i frequent that maye some nice edumacated people might know of something they feel would be of quality especially in the conditions of the northwest.

    Your 2 cents would be appreciated :)

    (There is an elderly lady i know that is selling a kia optima with low milage, but its only 2 wheel drive and im thinkn it would not be good for the driving i hope to do, and Speed demon cars are out of the question cuz i got a lead foot)

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