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how was your summer

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  • how was your summer

    how was your summer did u have a good one
    did u travel allover well i'm from canada i went 2
    florida but thats all nothing much okay bye
    hey babe

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    I had a BLAST! Summer was fun but it's not over for me yet!:devil :Chatter

    Traveled to some pow-wows in Canada, and to United Tribes and and and
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      Man I didn't even get to go to any powwows:Mad
      But..I went to RockyBoy to go visit fer the weekend (LONG DRIVE I TELL YA)..worked all summer, got to see mah buddies that I haven't seen in a year, spent time with mah bf, and my family:D So it was good:)
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        Summer juss came and went for me...

        It started with a couple pow wows. Then.. I helped my sister plan her August wedding in Oklahoma. Whoopee.. so we got to travel to Oklahoma. We went to three pow wows while we were there.. Anadarko, Tulsa and the third.. I forgot. Let's see... Our team, tha ladiez, competed in a couple of softball tournies. Our family went blueberry picking, did some shopping, and little stuff here and there... That's all!!! I wish I coulda gone to more pow wows.. but oh well..

        So, now I'm back in school.
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          had a fun summer but it came and went to fast


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            Re: how was your summer

            Originally posted by ~swirlz~
            how was your summer did u have a good one
            did u travel allover well i'm from canada i went 2
            florida but thats all nothing much okay bye

            Summer up here was great, but it was over way too fast! Now is is snowing like the devil, in other words it is over and winter is already started:(

            I did make it to the Sqalax Powwow, and did some travelling where I was away from home for a week in July ( all powwow related)

            Mostly just lazed around, got funding for school, came and went to meetings and the like. Generally not to stressful, just right.


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              Originally posted by HighEagleSoaring
              had a fun summer but it came and went to fast
              same here
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                :( I had a boring summer, I have not had a summer like this one in years. Just boring:Cry


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                  boring. Did much of nothing, other then a few powwows and visiting family.
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                    My summer was insufficient. May I have another? :D :Angel:
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                      summer was fun, traveled to alot of pow-wows all summer long. to bad though that we missed out on fort rotten pow-wow


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                        Getting around to more powwows was fun, even if they were just in my state. I like travelling to powwows I haven't been to before. Camping was a good experience, could easily become a powwow bum...lol


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                          Too short! At least made it to Crow Fair, Ft. Hall, Cody and put in an appearance at most local powwows. (Went and ate, I should say:p)
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