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    Originally posted by Bodica View Post
    I'll take your word for it; you're the techie.
    'Morning Paul.
    Wow, you're an early-riser, aren't you?
    What time zone are you on?
    (I'm on Central.)
    By the way, could you please explain code-embedding to those of us who are less technologically-gifted?
    And how did those banner ads get on your site without your permission?
    Did you e-mail them, and give them a piece of your mind?
    That's a little more than I can explain in a post here. But I spend hours working on all that every week.
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      I'll try to explain it as simply as I can. Put it this way lets say you have an image or an animated item on a website, within the code that places thast image on the website you can add more code (scripts etc...) that tells that image how to behave and what it can and can't do.
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      • namamiinc
        Hello From FLorida
        by namamiinc
        I’m a new member in town` and I’m so honored to be a part of PowWow community. Hope will to get to more friends and knowledge....
        12-01-2022, 07:14 AM
      • OLChemist
        Redhorse Cafe -- the Food Truck
        by OLChemist
        *Rose wakes Chuy up and chases him out in to the parking lot to see his new digs. She fires up the portable evaporative cooler next to the tables. *

        Chuy, some iced tea, carne adovada, calabacitas, and sopaillas, please. It's so much fun to watch WD and BA chase their napkins in the...
        06-21-2021, 01:08 PM

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