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    Well I woke up this morning to see that my cat had passed something, which moreless looked like an organ. I hoping its not what I thought it was got it confirmed at the vets office this morning, my cat is miscarrying. Mind you she has been knocked up for the past 6 weeks, and he tells me that when I last took her in about 18 weeks or so that she was pregnant then and that the kittens must of died then and are just now passing. I think he is a complete moron! I told him well over 3 different times that she had been outside about 6-7 weeks ago and that I think this is from this time. Well needless to say its been since 7am and she has only passed one. Now instead of helping her out there he told me to come back friday, I wonder if he thinks I'm as dumb as he looks? I mean anyone would be able to tell that if something layed dead inside a living thing for over 15 weeks or so that the animal would have got blood poisining by now and most generally would have died. I myself think that she may be having premature labor contractions and instead of him giving her something to stop it, he is gonna go ahead and let them come out weeks ahead of the full developed state.
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    hope your cat is ok. keep yo chin up jammy.
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      Poor thing, I hope she does good even tho the vet is stupid. Good luck!
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        You are right that if the kittens actually did die in utero weeks ago she would have died from mass infection as they decomposed. If she hasn't passed her kittens get her to another vet or demand that this ahole removes them ASAP. The guy sounds totally incompetant.
        Good luck with your cat.
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          I say take her to a new vet ASAP!!

          Good luck!:)


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            I once had a dog that I think died from AIDS cuz she screwed anything and everything that walked into our yard.


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