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  • Twitter - Who's using it? Special Features from Twitter Coming to!

    So who's using Twitter?

    Do you know what it is?

    What is it?
    Twitter is a service for friends, family, and co–workers to communicate and stay connected through the exchange of quick, frequent messages. People write short updates, often called "tweets" of 140 characters or fewer. These messages are posted to your profile or your blog, sent to your followers, and are searchable on Twitter search.

    Do I need anything special to use it?

    All you need to use Twitter is an internet connection or a mobile phone. Join us here! Once you're in, type your first update into the web box. To get an idea of what other people are saying or doing on Twitter, check out Twitter search to see what Twitter's all about. You can search by keyword or just check out the trending topics to what's hot on Twitter right now.

    If you havent' joined Twitter yet, try it out.

    There are some new things coming from that will incorporate Twitter! You'll always be able to know what the scoop is with this new feature!

    So get tweeting!
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    Here is some more info about what Twitter is and how to use it:

    Twitter Support :: Frequently Asked Questions
    New to the site--Introduce Yourself

    Find a Pow Wow Near You!


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      One of the coolest thing about Twitter is you can stay connected without a computer! You can get updates and send updates from any mobile device via text messages!

      Twitter Support :: The Official Twitter Text Commands

      Twitter Phone FAQ

      Submitted Nov 06, 2008 by crystal
      Using Twitter with your phone

      Twitter is a new kind of technology that uses multiple methods of communication to help keep you in touch with people you care about. Using Twitter with your phone will change the feel of Twitter for you. Not only can you receive text messages when people you've specified update, you can also send updates to Twitter while you're on the go, even if you don't receive messages from others. These are some of the most frequently asked questions about using Twitter with your mobile phone.

      Do I have to use an iPhone to use Twitter with my phone?

      No! Any phone that can send and receive text messages to a short code can use Twitter. iPhones and other phones with extensive mobile web features can be also be used but Twitter works with all phones!

      Do I have to use my phone to use Twitter?

      Nope. You can send twitter updates from the Twitter website or from our mobile website, You can also check out the apps page to see other popular ways people use Twitter.

      Text Messages? Sounds expensive. How much will Twitter cost me?

      Twitter charges you nothing, but how much it costs to use Twitter with text messaging depends on your text messaging plan. Standard text messaging rates (such as international text messaging fees) do apply. Consult your service provider to ensure that your text plan covers your Twitter usage. If you're using our international number, give your provider the Twitter phone number you'll be using to see if you'll incur extra charges. If you're using Twitter from outside of the US, please consult your carrier, as every provider has a different policy.

      Twitter Support :: Twitter Phone FAQ
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        I twitter what I remember that I have it.... :)
        Thankful for the blessing from the Creator in my life!!!!

        Life should not be measured by the number of things that we aquire on our journey but by the number of lives that we touch along that road.

        I am a bridge on the red path between my ancestors and the future. I am a bridge between my white heritage and my native heritage. A bridge joins two sides together and provides a way to move on..... A.K. O'Pry-Reynolds


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          Who else is using it?
          New to the site--Introduce Yourself

          Find a Pow Wow Near You!


          Join the online community forum celebrating Native American Culture, Pow Wows, tribes, music, art, and history.

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