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  • a question for you people

    ok. why is it you like some one and you know they like you but everytime you see each other your just grinning at each other like idiots??? i do not want this to happen again??? im actin like i never asked out a guy before............. ..........*L* its kinda embarrasing.:blushing: :42:
    its a shame that stupidity isnt painful

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    To quote the one hit wonder Young MC, "don't just stand there, bust a move."
    It is so sad that a family can torn apart by something as simple as a wild pack of dogs.


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      another question......whos making an a$$ of themself? me or him?........*L* but its funny tho.........LMAO
      its a shame that stupidity isnt painful


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        Make the move..what have you got to lose besides your pride, courage, dignity, self-esteem and maybe your reputation...Jes's always kind of scary and uncertain.....go for it...
        believe in yourself


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          One time I was to afraid to ask a girl out. My friend said, "what's the worst she can do? Say no?"

          So I went over and asked her out, and she replies, while screaming at me"GET AWAY FROM ME YOU STANK, UGLY, STUTTERING, BIG TOOTHED, FAT A$$ED, RETARDED SON OF A B**CH!!!!"
          It is so sad that a family can torn apart by something as simple as a wild pack of dogs.


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            just don't ramble on & on & on...
            "i don't like to walk fast man - i like to strut!"


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              :rofl2: :rofl2:


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                man i know how that is...or sometimes both of u are too scurred or shy wutever the case may u guys end up walkin past each other not acknowledgin the other but ur side eyein em n all...yeah man that sucks..but i'm not brave enough to make the 1st move...ever...:Cry
                "would u like to lick the frybread greaze off of my lippz??"

                check out -


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                  Re: a question for you people

                  Originally posted by sharon*in*az
                  ok. why is it you like some one and you know they like you but everytime you see each other your just grinning at each other like idiots??? i do not want this to happen again??? im actin like i never asked out a guy before............. ..........*L* its kinda embarrasing.:blushing: :42:

                  OOOoooOooooOOooooOOooo. just cute, the both of ya! Well I don't know what to say cuz i know how idiotic it is to blush and stare and thats all. But eventually Im sure you two will get past the smiles and finally start some sort of dialogue, cuz i actually made it past my dilemma too, so i believe in YOU. :)

                  you can do it!!!:Thumbs
                  Apache jump on it, jump on it, jump on it!!!!!

                  "Insert words of wisdom here"


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                    just go fer it!!!

                    i say just go fer it! cuz you never know, he (or she) may be "the one". from personal experience, me and my husband (now) liked eachother for ten years.....and both of us were too scared to talk to eachother.....duh....... and finally one day i saw him in chat, and i started talking to him. and thats what got us started. i was scared to even talk to him in chat :p but im glad I did, cuz once we found out that we liked eachother all along we had a good laugh. but its like...geeez, maybe we could have been together all this time.???? so i say, dont wait for years or whatever (like we did)...go for it!
                    Life's Short, Powwow Hard


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                      Just tell him to log on to and tell him to read ur post ... lol
                      ...maybe he'll get the hint
                      ~Everything happens for a reason~:37:


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                        Dang girl just make the move!! He may be just as scared as you are.. but make sure he's gots no wife first!!



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                          Just make the move girl....I bet he is diggin u just as much..if you don' just may go on asking yourself what if?? and always be only get to live once....and life is a journey of making choices and taking chances.... so just.....Go with the flow...and everything will flow to you...:Thumbs..yeah.


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                            You go girl!
                            Yeah, juzzzzzzzz do it.
                            Either that or take your time and do it right. Reminds me of this one song. "Baby you can do it take your time do it right. You can do it baby. Do it tonight."
                            Anyways make things happen. Don't spectate, participate.
                            "I Ahula Ula"
                            Enjoying the ride.
                            BETA SIGMA EPSILON


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                              thanks fer the advice erveryone!!!!:D i would go for it.............but i sort of have my eye on a certain someone AND i like him more that the other guy(which he knows) and he is taking forever to ask...........kinda just beatin around the bush!!!! but i make it hard for him so i dont blame him. *L*
                              its a shame that stupidity isnt painful


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