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3 and 0 could this be the one?

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  • 3 and 0 could this be the one?

    VIKINGS!!!!!!!! kickin some butt already! yeehaw! native_singer_4life is prolly runnin around in circles wishin he was a Vikes fan (J/K bro)
    Mens inhumanity to each other is surpassed ONLY by what women do to each other.
    Quote: "I blame it on my youngnessness..." BTH

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    "would u like to lick the frybread greaze off of my lippz??"

    check out -


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      i don't care for the vikings i don't know why?


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        Let us see how long this continues.
        My life is summoned up by one classic rock song:


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          I doubt it.

          My Phoenix Cardinals are whooping booty this season, I don't think the Vikings stand a chance.

          Just kidddddding.:Chatter

          Had to throw that one in in reflection of the Cardinals good reputation. lol...

          errr.. Cardinals play football right? lol...



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          • Guest's Avatar
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            ok ya'll this chick's everywhere on this board!
            and she's a newbie!
            so far, butterflypulse, you seem to be a cool chica.

            -don't know why just thought i'd say that
            09-08-2003, 03:59 PM



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