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    NdN country share your thoughts if you have any?
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    i think arnold is a complete moron....
    Oh yeah, I used to know Quentin...He's a real...He's a real Jerky

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      Uhm....EDUCATEDONE, oh never mind....

      “ Originally posted by ndnkidz_5
      Oh the debates was really good....Mc Clintoc and Peter Comejo were extreamly professional and were "more endepth" on their ideas. Arnold, was using one liner "move type come back when being question by the other candidates. He and Ariana were just going back an fourth on personl stuff. ANd Cruz....was acting like a kid. I wish Peter Comejo would win....that one smart dude, who would really help out Califonia.

      ANy one else? ”

      "Originally posted by runnerz"
      I watched it and was horrified at the spectacle and how the debate was handled, but that's a whole other thread.... Yes, I have to agree with you NDNKIDZ5, Camejo was one of the best debaters up there. I'd cast my vote for him, but for the best interest of my vote SHOULD the recall pass, I won't vote for him. Only for the fact, sadly, I truly believe he doesn't have enough support on his side to take home a victory. I was 'rooting' for him and Arianna, too! I applaud her 'go-get'em-n-not-afraid-to-'debate' with Arnold. Speaking of which, Arnold gave absolutely no picture of where he stands on policy....! It was Arianna who shared his stance on both Props 53 & 54, and even then, he gave no clear viewpoint! This type of 'beat around the "Bush"' (pun intended? hmmm!) is something CA residents/voters truly need to look at before they cast a vote for a man of little credibility! Sure he repeatedly stated he 'wants' this and that for CA, but he clearly shyed away from 'how' he intends to change, better, or implement policy.

      As for McClintock, in my opinion, he's experienced at delivering the politicians game face and attitude, and yes he was 'professional' but he's appears to 'gestapo' for my taste and for the good of CA. Especially the minority groups!!

      So, EDUCATED , you going to leave us guessing where you stand on this? I can only imagine which lucky 'devil' will get your vote......
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        Absolutely!! I think he should have stayed as an actor.... oh well my two cents worth on that one.
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          GEEEEEEEEEEEZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ educated were ya been there has been post for the last few days on the elcetion and last nights debate. Studing too hard? Who ya votin for?


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            That dude Peter and that lady "forgot her name" brought up some good points even though they probably won't win they kept my attention.
            I'll munch a few miles to the polls. I guess I can do that.
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              k. I didn't see any game like this before so....short and sweet here goes:

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