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what kind of music do u listen to

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  • what kind of music do u listen to

    what kind of music do you listen to and what is your fave song...indulge me...i drank way to much coffee
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    Since its late nite and u must be bored..thought i'd post..lol
    I'm pretty much into anything that sounds good
    So I'm ecclectic
    But it's mostly pretty much rap, hip hop n r&b
    but if it sounds good lemme at it..aye:D
    oh can't for get PW and Roundance tunez!;)
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      i'm into everythin...classic rock is my fav..led zepplin are my rock gods n george thorogood...i think thats how u dpell his name "when i drink alone i prefer to be by myslef" lol...i like 80's hair bandz lol n hip hop..mainly early 90's hip hop...n of course r n' b....alternative...lil pop...i might even tolerate a lil country...but don't try rappin me..rockin me...countryin me to sleep...jus throw on some northern cree!! lol...
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        mostly powwowy kinda stuff.... but i listen to lotsa different kinds of music... at the moment i'm into the beatles and norah jones


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          I believe if you limit yourself to one type of music, you are missing out. For me, music is almost like therapy. There was an ole disco song called dancin therapy, and its true. Which is why I can't get into angry music, whiny boy music and hard lets go kill a cop music. Anyhoo, I like LIVE jazz, Live Salsa/Cumbia/Merengue music, Mexican Rancho Music, Powwow tunes, all kinds, *some* country, Patsy Kline, House music from 80s, disco from my days ;)

          and....old skool love songs. Favorite songs? Suavecito by Malo and Darling Don't Cry, Red Bull


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            listening to

            some Destiny Child right now only because it is the only c.d. i have here at my desk.
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              The type of music I always listen to is punk rock, heavy mental, alterntive rock, ect... But lately my cuz been getting me into hip-hop, love songs and all that other stuff. My friends are going to freak when they hear me listening to usher or someone. And of course the pw music. Has anyone listened to Tha Tribe? If not, then you should. They sound really awesome.


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                I listen to everthing R&B Jazz hip hop heavy metal classic rock country reggae I believe in trying out new things, latley I have been listening to swing music. I don't care for the screamming stuff about hurting your self. the other day I heard a song called "detachable penis"
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                  I listen to just about everything but death/speed metal.
                  SHAKE IT!!!!


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                    I was a punk when punk rock did'nt have outlet stores for clothes. But I love blues music, and funk .. folk and southern rock. I'm pretty good to go except for country music and there's even a few songs there that I can more than stand. The hubby has me listening to Cledus T. Judd and Rodney Carrington ( I got 12 inch d*** and dozen roses.. and a pick up truck.. hubba hubba hubba hey) but they be funny guys LOL! I have a very eclectic looking CD collection and once freaked out the sales guy at a record store by bringing up to the counter, Metallica, Amy Grant and the soundtrack from CATS at the same time. Hmm.. wonder what happened to that soundtrack.. bet it's in my brother's collection!
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                      Originally posted by Ginger
                      I the other day I heard a song called "detachable penis"
                      LOL I have'nt heard that song in quite a few years!

                      I forgot to add my favorite band is the DAmned and my favorite song by them is Sanctum Sanctorum
                      Don't worry that it's not good enough for anyone else to hear... just sing, sing a song.sigpic


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                        Death Metal I love extreme aggressive music cause we live in extreme aggressive times. It goes with my choice of career too.

                        but I listen to Powwow music too. My favorite drums are in no order: Blackstone, Blacklodge, Umatilla, Nez Perce Nation, Eaglewhistles, Denver Indian Singers, Badland Singers.

                        my 1st love of music was MOTOWN, back in the 60's thanks to my Mom and Dad.
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                          I like everything but jazz. Classical, Rock, Pop, Country, etc. My top 3 artists are AC/DC, Eric Clapton and Eminem.
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                            Chopped n Screwed Rap
                            A Lil Rock
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                              My Music I listen too is classic rock and Metal some gangsta rap.
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