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Native American Dog? WTH?

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  • Native American Dog? WTH?

    Dog Drags Newborn From Home
    "finding your best friend in life and love is glorious"

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    Never heard of them before but here goes:

    Native American Indian Dog, Information, Native American Indian Dogs
    Becky B.


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      Originally posted by NDNKIDZ View Post

      Well, I did hear that husky's are originally from alaska and some will put that together. I never actually heard the term "Native american dog" before, though.LOL


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        since when did dogs become "nativer american"??? Soooo.....who decided on that??? If they are owned by natives, do we give them our tribe???

        Mussy by birth.....Native by the Grace of God.......


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          Oh shhhhh, they might be entitled to part of the per-caps then

          Oh could you see taking a dog to IHS and saying "You have to treat them, they are a tribal member".

          Okay, I'll quit now.LMAO


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            The dog looks more wolf than dog to me
            Life isn't about waiting for the storm to pass..It's about learning to dance in the rain. for me and the wolf


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              The subject of the dog dragging the baby though is odd, most dogs I have seen are VERY protective of the baby in it's home.

              So I read the part about this breed of dog, apparently the breed is questionable in it's origin but found this: Carolina Dog Information and Pictures, American Dingos, Carolina Dogs just a quick search caus we had dogs, so just wondering what they may have looked like.


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