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  • College Students-Conference?

    I know that a lot of us on are college students, so I am asking for your opinions. At my college and also at some other local ones, we've been thinking about and exploring the concept of having a conference for other Indian student organizations. So...

    Have any of your colleges ever had conferences w/ other colleges and universities? What types of speakers/activities/workshops would you want to happen at a conference you would attend?

    My university is definately supportive of a conference if it were to happen. I'm just curious what you would want the purpose of the conference to be (besides just getting together and partying lol).

    Thanks for any ideas!!

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    It would be interesting and I bet you would get a lot of response if you addressed Native issues, or problems/obsticles in the business-life of an Indian after college. I know some assertive seminars/workshops would benefit lots of native people or maybe seminars on different areas of business fields, professions, keeping culture, maybe even tribal government. Almost like a UNITY Conference ......... but funner!

    Whatever the seminars are and as long as they are directed to future Native professionals, it would benefit everyone for future business contacts.
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      i think that is a good idea,but seeing as im only 14 & a freshmen in highschool,i cant give ya ne ideas
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        I am currently vice president at my college and what we are trying to do is get together with other colleges inthe area to get together and meet to exchange differnt ideas on getting student involvement rasing money mainly for our yearly powwow and other events...... unfortunaly i have to insist that you make sure you get student involvement...... i say this because at my college we have very poor involvement as it goes to getting things set up....everybody wants things but does not want to help getting set up.... evene wiht our student council our president as well as myself were appointed to the positions ( i would have ran against the current pres but i was suppose to transferr to a different college).... and when things do get done we have ahard time getting ppl there it usually is just the same ppl and i is the ppl that never show up tha tusually complan about things not happening but we are constantly doing different things....but yea (kinda got off topic) i would say to make sure you will get strong student involve ment
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