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  • Pulled over by state trooper

    So on friday a state trooper pulled me over. He just happened to be behind me and ran my plates. Turn up my license was suspended, which i knew about and paid all fines and reinstatement fees. Well the township didnt tell DMV I paid the fine. Couldnt drive my car home, almost got arrested because I asked why he ran my plates for no reason. He says, "Cause he can do that and if I want to start something he will impound my car and arrest me" He then says "If I get a felon like this you'll thank me" (i wanted to say no because the felon would get out because the cop had no reason to run his plates other than being a hotshot)

    The ticket was paid 9/8, the DMV reinstatement fee(100, dont get me started on that) was pd and ON THE SYSTEM 9/19. Now I got pulled over 9/26. Aint that a btch?

    Now I got to take time off of work to go to court with the receipts. I bet i get court fees also.

    A $24 parking ticket cost me $52+100+80(half days pay)(50+/- court fee). Possibly $282.

    Never lend your car to your girlfriend.
    There are 2 types of people in the world...
    Really stupid people who think they are smart
    Really smart people who think they are smart.

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    State troopers. . . *gives the bird*

    They pulled me and my husband over one night for going five miles over the speed limit. OK, I was technically doing "wrong" and I never tried to deny it. Before it was all over, they had treated us like we had murdered someone or tried to smuggle drugs. They were like "Where are you going?" (I guess because we were a couple of hours away from our city.) We told them we had been to Oklahoma to visit some friends and were on our way home. "Well, what were you doing in Oklahoma?" "I just told you, we were visiting some friends. Would you like their number to verify?" "No, but you sure are a long way from home." "Well, last I heard, we didn't have check points or need any explanation to be away from home."

    Next thing I know, my husband and I are standing by the side of the freeway, 20 feet apart, backs to the vehicle while they search it. Everytime I turned around to see what they were doing to MY vehicle, they stopped searching and said "Ma'am, you'll need to face away from the vehicle." I kept watching them, though. At this point, what did I have to lose? Besides, I felt like these two slack-jaws were going to plant something in my vehicle!

    They had run both my license (I was driving) and my husband's, and were hauling him off to Denton County Jail for an unpaid ticket from over ten years ago. It was a shoplifting under $20 that he got when he was a teenager, and he totally forgot he had received it. They cuffed him and everything! Had to bail his azz out the next morning.

    While all this is going on, people are just zooming by, doing 80 mph. . .maybe driving drunk. . .who knows? But yeah, the world is a safer place now that my husband paid that ticket from when he was a teenager. I guess that kind of stuff really gets them off.

    So, yeah, state troopers don't get any glory in my book. :tongue11:


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      I got arrested for something I didn't do.....I didn't run fast enough, and they caught me.
      It is so sad that a family can torn apart by something as simple as a wild pack of dogs.


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        My daughter got pulled over while slightly speeding on the way to work. No biggie, cuz the fine's just $30 here on the rez. BUT they decided to search her whole car too, and made her late to work and embarrassed the heck out of her.

        She was hoping I'd come by and stop and cuz out the trooper, or at least wait by the side of the road with her. But I went to work late, and when I got here I had scads of messages to check on my daughter. I guess everyone thought she was going to jail. is what it is...


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          This trooper is one of many that set up a post on the highway to catch speeders. It is on a downhill jusst past an overpass that you cant see them until they have you. Its really a great spot and I enjoy watching speeders get caught. Mainly because I was involved in an accident in that spot cause by a speeder who kept going. They have sometimes up to 7 troopers in that one spot. Sometimes I even stay in the fast lane till the last minute and then move over and let the speeder that was on my *** pass and subsequently get caught. (is that wrong?)

          In my area I would support the cops in everything they do but when I get screwed it pissesme off.

          I have been driving for almost 15 years. In the past year I have been pulled over about 4 times. In the previous 14 years, 6 times. 2 of those were because I LOOKED SUSPICIOUS!

          1st ticket was in 1989 for going thru a red light.(i did, i was following a friend and didnt want to get lost...he kept going of course)

          2nd was because I HIT MY BREAKS WHEN I SAW A COP. I hit my breaks because I came up to an intersection and the cop wasnt even in sight. I got a seatbelt ticket for that one.

          3rd was driving w/o headlights, my friend was in his bronco behind me and his lights lit up the whole road and the inside of my car, i didnt even know they werent on!

          4th was because I passed a cop who was driving behind a truck in the right lane at 15 mph.I was doing 40,the speed limit. The cop said he was doing the spped limit and I flew past. I said "NO YOU WERENT!" He saw my suitcases(full of outfits) and thought I was suspicious. He let me go when I explained I was a powwow dancer and teaching Cub Scouts about NDNs.

          5th was speeding in a school zone. I had on a bandana, messy hair , unshaven, crappy car, sleevless shirt. He let me go cause I had a PBA card.

          6th time was in upstate NY, I was antiquing and past a cop on the road. I turned around and passed the same cop again. Turned around yet again and passed the cop a 3rd time. LOOKED SUSPICIOUS. Let me go.

          SINCE DECEMBER 2002
          7th time-speeding 85 in a 55. thought it was 65 didnt see the newcasts and newspaper headlines about the crackdown on that highway. stoopiud me. they dropped it to unsafe driving because of my clean record. no points. $180+ fines and courtcosts.

          8th time - going thru a red light (same place as the first one 12 years prior. It was yellow. The cop was an a-hole. knock down to unsafe driving. no points.$185 in fines and court costs.

          9th time in OHIO going to Tipton,IN. $70 fine, no points. no record.

          10th time last friday. so far $152 in fines.

          I found out driving while suspended is $500 fine and 3 months loss of license. Hopefully the judge sees my predicament.
          There are 2 types of people in the world...
          Really stupid people who think they are smart
          Really smart people who think they are smart.


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            so sorry

            i acnt drive yet but if i could i would probly get pulled over b/c if my mom does let me drive i always speed!:p
            who lives in a pineapple under the sea? man i wish it was me!


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              MAN!!! I went from CA to ND and back to OK and TX and was speeding like a maniac most of the time.

              So the one time i'm trying to obey the rules and not speed cuz i was on 177 then i missed a speed limit sign.


              so he got me for goin 55 in a 45 when i honestly didnt know it was 45 cuz i had just passed a 55 sign. so he gave me a ticket for goin 10 over which doesnt go on my record but rips my poor hard earned money right outta my pockets.


              ok anyways. just wanted to whine a lil.
              The only time its too late to start dancing is when you're dead.


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                I've been stopped maybe 6 times in my life, and i only had 1 $5.00 ticket for daytime speeding. I got stopped coming back from a powwow going 104 mph in a 65 mph zone. The cop came up and asked me if I had any idea how fast I was going...I told him "no i don't, i was spaced out on my music and I gotta get home for work in the morning"...He then told me that I was going 104...I was like :Shocked 104!!!!!!!! (I was more happy than anything). He asked me for my DL so he went back to his car to run my Dl#. I just got a ticket :D . The other times the highway patrolmen were just wanting to shoot the breeze. So I haven't had any probs with cops. :Angel2
                yeah, yeah, yeah...

                ...never underestimate the power of stupid people in groups...

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                  :Angel: I've got a clean/perfect record!! :Angel:
                  If there ain't soccer in heaven ~ I ain't going!!


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                    And it is only perfect because the one ticket I did get I used my sisters ID! Thanks Sis!! :2:
                    If there ain't soccer in heaven ~ I ain't going!!


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                      I've been pulled over a few times for speeding and every single time it's been the same individual. This really smokin female police officer. I'm startin ta think that maybe..just maybe..she likes me.


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