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  • Story Time LOL

    Okay, everyone who knows me knows that my favorite thing is to tell stories about my kids and the kids in my life. And I've been told by a few on here that they really like them.

    But I don't just like to tell stories about kids, I also really like to hear stories about other's kids or grand kids. So here's a chance for everyone to share any story--new or old about any child in their life. And it can even be your dog or cat 'cause many consider their animal's as their children, I've told many stories of mine.LOL

    I had a great conversation the other day with a good friend about kids and they shared some with me and had me cracking up. I've had some really good experiences in the past couple of weeks with kids and it's so awesome to be around them.

    You can use one post or as many as you want, it doesn't all have to be in one post--everyone knows mine aren't.LOL


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    Well, I'll start it off:

    I went to a pow wow this weekend and I saw an old friend that I haven't seen in a while and his girlfriend and her kids, I've seen them before but never met them.

    Anyway this morning I was walking into the pow wow with my arms loaded, my bag, chair and cooler. A very nice young man came up to me and said "That looks aweful heavy for you. Here let me help you with that." and he took the cooler from me. He was no more then 12 years old. I thought that that was the sweetest thing that I've ever seen. He was talking to me and making sure that I was okay and all of that. I asked him who he was and he said that he was my friends step-son. So I knew exactly who he was, but not by name.

    I was so proud and honored by him that I went up to his mother and told her about it and told her "Thank you" for such a wonderful child. And then when I was dancing in the circle I came upon his step father and I told him about it too and he was very happy.

    He was so sweet that I want to do something really nice for him. I'm thinking about it, I have an idea and will get it to him somehow.


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      I think I've told this story before, but it was so sweet it bears repeating.

      This happened at Crow Fair 2008, one morning during the horse parade. There was a man and his little boy standing a few feet away from me watching the parade. I'm guessing the little boy was 3-4 years old. At the end of the parade when the people were throwing candy, the father told the boy to go out and get some.

      So, the boy goes out and gathers a handful of candy. He comes back and is standing next to his father looking at his candy and then he (the boy) looks over at me and gets kind of a funny look on his face. So he looks back at the candy in his hands to see how much he had, and then picks out a couple pieces and comes over and hands them to me! He got a big grin on his face and then ran back to his dad.

      I was really touched. Young children tend to be kinda selfish. I was so impressed that this little boy noticed that some ol' white guy didn't have any candy and made sure to share what he had!

      Kudos to him and his parents for raising such a generous young man!


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        This falls under the category of kids say the darndest things:

        I have twin nieces. They're grown up now, but this took place when they were little girls.

        I forget how old they were, but it was that age when little girls start being interested in "girly" things, playing with their mothers' make-up, and playing dress-up with her clothes, etc..

        My sister-in-law had a couple pair of old pumps that she let the girls play with. They loved trying to walk in their mother's high heels.

        They couldn't quite say "high heels," though, so they always asked their mother if they could wear her "hell wheels!"

        My brothers and I agreed that "if a woman (of whatever age) got her hell wheels on - run for cover!"


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          "Hell wheels"

          My son and daughter had names for their belly buttons: My son called his, "Billy Bump", and my daughter called hers, "Elly Button".


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            Thank you RDNKJ and Neling. I like those stories. The one was so very sweet and the other really cute too. I love all stories about kids.

            But I really like "Hell Wheel's".

            Yep, I think I'd do the same thing.LMAO

            too funny


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              I have twin nieces too and they are 6 years old now. They are so very cute.

              Well a few months back the family went to a yard sale and they found an exercise bike and the girls got all excited and wanted it. So they got it and the whole family uses it now.

              They are always teasing me about being so short. My bro is 6'4" and his wife is about 5'6" (something like that) and then the girls are little but they all say that soon they will be taller then I am.LOL

              Well one day their momma had been on it and then the younger of the twins decided that she wanted to ride it. And she said "Daddy, why is it so hard for me to ride the bike today?" And he told her that her momma was just on it. She said "So, she doesn't need to move the seat up that high" and he said "Well your momma's legs are longer." And the baby said "No they're not. They're short and stubby like Aunties!!!"

              Their momma went "WHAT?!!!"

              I guess they can't pick on me that much now.LMAO


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                There's this really nice couple that i know and I'm always talking to the wife while the husband is on the drum. They have a young son and I've known them since he was about 4 years old or so and he's now about 9 years old. Everytime that I see them and he's with them I always smile at him or say "Hi baby" (I say that to all the kids 'cause they're all babies) and he will just smile. He's very shy and doesn't usually say much.

                Well, two weeks ago I was at a pow wow and they showed up. I saw the parents for just a few seconds as they were walking around. Dang I was swamped that weekend. All of a sudden a young boy came up to my spot and it was their son. He stood at the edge of my table and looked at me and smiled and said "Hi how are you? Are you having a good day?" and he stood their for a few minutes and we actually had a short and very sweet conversation. That was really the first time and I just saw his parents again this past weekend and I told his momma about it and she was really happy that he did that.


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                  Timmy Tiger, good for your friends' son that he came up to you on his own and talked. I was painfully shy as a child, so I know how hard initiating a conversation can be, even with people you know!

                  Funny thing is, and I've heard this about other people too - even as a child when I was so shy - I've never had any fear of public speaking or any kind of stage fright!

                  But, back to kid stories...

                  The house I grew up in had a brick front porch, so it didn't have a smooth surface. If it was nighttime Mom and Dad would turn on the porch light and let me ride my trike out front. Since the surface wasn't smooth, I fell on my face quite a few times. Mom would always tell me it was nothing, but I was gonna have a "puffy lip." I was convinced she was saying that I was gonna have "puppy lips!"


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                    Yeah, thanks RDNKJ

                    I was so amazed and impressed with him that I went and made sure that I kept going with the conversation for as long as he was standing there. He was so very sweet about it.

                    "Puppy Lips".LMAO That's funny and reminds me of a story about my youngest sister


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                      There are some kids that you can joke with and they will laugh. And then there are some kids that take every word that you say literally.

                      When my youngest sister was about 4 years old, our mom had a boyfriend and he would get a little flip here and there and my other sister and I kind of would laugh and crack back.

                      Well this one time he was at our house and my youngest sister was there and just being a normal 4 year old. Well he turned around and said to her "Hey kid, why don't you just hit the pavement" and he laughed.

                      A few minutes later our mom had noticed that she hadn't seen my sister, so she got up and went looking for her and there she was outside in the middle of the street, down on her knees, using her open hand actually smacking the pavement.

                      We laughed about that for a very long time and every once in a while we still tease her about that.LOL


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                        Well, I'm sitting here today just think of old wonderful times gone by. A very old and dear friend of my families passed away the other night. He was like a second grandfather to my son and was always very good to my ex and I. Today are the calling hours and tomorrow is his funeral and he will be very greatly missed. He and his wife and their three kids, who are my age, were always good to us.

                        Well one day there was a knock on the door. I went to answer it and there was the second son from next door. He was standing there leaning back with a very weird look on his face looking over at his house.LOL I said "What's wrong" and he said "That's just not right".LOL I said "What's not right?" and he said "When I knocked on your door---my dogs started to bark".

                        They had 4 dogs at the time and we had a couple too. But it was their dogs that were barking.LMAO


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                          my little sister thought the dog was her brother until she was about 7 years old. She told her class about her siblings and didn't leave out Barkley. Her classmates were the ones that caught on the Barkley's difference first asking why did Barkley have to pee outside and eat on the floor


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                            Originally posted by jeenga View Post
                            my little sister thought the dog was her brother until she was about 7 years old. She told her class about her siblings and didn't leave out Barkley. Her classmates were the ones that caught on the Barkley's difference first asking why did Barkley have to pee outside and eat on the floor
                            That's funny!

                            When my middle brother was little we had a couple of weimareiners. He thought it wasn't fair that we got to eat at the table and the dogs had to eat on the floor. Mom caught him a couple times with his plate on the floor, trying to eat like the dogs!


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                              My 11-year-old had to go get shots today for school, and I took her and the 3-year-old to McDonald's for lunch afterwards. I got one of those grilled southwest chicken salads. Well, my 3-year-old says, "Mom, what you eating?" I said, "Salad." She answered, "Oh. So you're eating grass." Gotta love it.

                              Of course this morning she marched into the bathroom where I was fixing my hair and said, "Mom! I'm eating boogies." Then proceeded to shove her index finger up her nose. I thought only boys did that, LOL!


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