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who went to work between Xmas & New Years?

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  • who went to work between Xmas & New Years?

    Isn't this the most torturous week for those of us that DIDN'T take leave for the holidays???? Don't get me wrong, i'm extremely thankful i have a job, especially one where isn't blocked....YET! but for the love of gawd it's a ghost town up in here!!!!

    thank goodness we only have a 1/2 day today!

    How are you occupying your time in an office that's been abandoned for the holidays?
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    I only had to work Monday Thru Wednesday - (AM office x-mas party, and 3/4 day) last week, and this week I only had to work Tuesday and Wednesday (3/4 day). So last week I worked like 22 hours, and this week like 14.5 hours, and got paid for 40 hours both weeks, lol. But when we work a normal 40 hour week it can be crazy so I'd say we were deserving of some nice paid time off.
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      still here..............just another day

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        Watching the minutes drag by... waiting to punch out and get jiggy with it at the Pow-wow tonight!!
        I'm innocent I tell ya!!!


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          I just had to get 24 hours in this week and last week, and it's been TOUGH!!!!!! In fact I'm still 8 hours short this week, so I plan on working 2 hours a day for the next 4 days.

          The school is deserted, and kinda spooky!!
 is what it is...


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            I'm here (the lab) debugging one program and designing lenses with another. All I hope is a skip the minor electrical fire I managed to start while working on Christmas Eve. Those dang electronics don't work so well, when you let the smoke out.


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              We only had to work Mon and Tues last week and we were supposed to work Monday-Wed and a 1/2 day today but Chairman changed it so we worked Monday and Tues and 1/2 day Wed.

              Last week I was ok with it because when it's quiet, I don't have people in my office and I can get things done but this week just DRAGGED! I knew I should have taken it off!

              Happy New Year everyone!
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                Well i'm plugging away. Finishing up the year 2009. One of the ugliest I've ever seen. Corporate assasigns, Economic decay, etc... Get off at 5.

                Wishing i was heading to powwow @ Haskell. Instead, I'll cook up a bunch o King Crab when i get home. Maybe even mix in some " George Dickel"
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                  Originally posted by lostsalt View Post
                  Well i'm plugging away. Finishing up the year 2009. One of the ugliest I've ever seen. Corporate assasigns, Economic decay, etc... Get off at 5.

                  Wishing i was heading to powwow @ Haskell. Instead, I'll cook up a bunch o King Crab when i get home. Maybe even mix in some " George Dickel"
                  change that fringe!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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                    Guarding the border, which is pretty slow this time of year...sort of "abandoned".


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                      Worked 26, 27 thru today. No time to log into the site tho :(


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