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Who do you look like more yr mom or your dad?

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  • Who do you look like more yr mom or your dad?

    Everybody says I'm the spiting image of my momy. Though when I visit my dad's side of the family ...I look just like my dad. I've got my momz thick azz hair and my dadyz one eyebrow. Which thank goodness for something called waxing ....I have two of them now :p My sis looks a little like each of them.

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    i have no idea!!! i got my moms eyes and my dads nose (female version)..i guess
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      i'm built like my dad(female version DUH) and i walk like him but i look like my mum... i got my dad's big ol huge head tho :Mad :p and my daddy's smile..... :D


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        i look like my aunt... but im short like her...both my parents r tall... im darker than both my parents...


        im think im adopted!!!! :Cry

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          i look like both my parents.

          i got my mom's eyebrows but my dads squinty eyes and my mom's big huge smile but my dad's full lips.

          it was like their DNA was in a huge mixing bowl and it was stirred up real good....
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            I am a unique cocktail mixed from both of them...

            I think really that at different times in my life I have resembled one more than the other and that changes sometimes. :49: :switcher:
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              I am a mixture of the both of them. Although I definitely did inherit dad's skinny wolf clan legs :Cry *hehe*
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                got to be my mom for sure.
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                  I got mah mommies good looks and mah daddy's .. lol.. (i don't know the rest) *L*

                  I am tooo a spittin image of my mom's looks back in "her younger years!!" My family calls me "irene jr." LOL... even people that have only seen me once or met me once in their life say i look just like my mother when my mom was young! I even seen old old pictures of my mom in her BEEHIVE *LMAO* and my gawd i do look like her!!! She was gorgeous when she was young!!! :D


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                    Well I look alot like my mom, but im very short like my grandma, all my sisters are tall... i have my dads mouth and (thank gawd) my moms ears.. dads looks like two car doors open.. hehehehehehe.. :Chatter :Chatter :Chatter :p
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                      I look like my mom when she was in her late teens. I have a pic that looks remarkably like her...I was 23 & in her pic she was 19. But I have my dads personallity...I love that combination....:D


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                        Everyone sez
                        "I can't believe how much you look like your late grandma"
                        My dad..my aunties & Uncles say this
                        Sometimes my dad will say I have her hair (which I don't like)..natural curls..and frizzy when air dried:Chatter its sometimes hard to manage..
                        I was told I have my moms eyes and my dads personality:p :D
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                          people think i look more like my mom...when we're together they assume i'm her daughter...but when i'm next to my dad...they ask if i'm somehow related to him lol...but if u put us all together...my brother has my moms features...high cheekbones but my dads hair n eyez...n i have my dads full face but my moms eyes n hair...but yet i'm the smallest n shortest lol..go figure
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                            My mom is light and tiny, I am tall and kinda dark, yet somehow, I managed to resemble her, musta got the body and complexion from dad. My kids are both tall and lighter than me, but my grandbaby looks like she might take after me.


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                              I saw my thread on page two.:D


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