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Do you buy a map or ask for directions?

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  • Do you buy a map or ask for directions?

    I'm a girl so of course I keep various maps in my glove compartment. It depends if I feel a little lazy and don't feel like getting my azz out of the car......to ask for directions. :3: :Help

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    :lol2: we just drive around stoopid and lost :Teeth


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      Do ojibs think alike?

      That sounds like me too.:D


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        save the money & the time... and take it to www.mapquest.com
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          Hey i'm the kinda gal that HAS to know where i'm goin.....i'm DEFINITELY NOT gonna drive around stupid & lost, so yea i keep my map handy. If i'm new to the area then i'll stop & ask.

          Reading a map is an important skill to have, i've met sum dumb dumbs who can't read a map for nothin & it's embarassing.....i need a skilled co-pilot!
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            for my business I got a huge real estate map book with everything on it so one would think I couldn't get lost..but sometimes I do anyway.. then I ask for directions..usually from some stupid azz who has no clue where he is either
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              I use the map to find the "main" roads. Then I stop at the nearest gas station to ask for directions. I don't like driving in circles if I'm in a hurry. :) Otherwise... I go with my ndn navigational skillz... :p to find my way.
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                i hate askin for directions...always try n have my maps ready or ask someone i know if they've been to the area..but i got this funny story...awhile ago..a fren n i were out drivin...tryin to get to this club...or we were leavin...newayz...we were jus goin in circles...lol...this wuz down in da bronx...jus too damn ghetto for me...so i tell her to ask this one guy standin on da corner for directions...n she wuz so scurred lol..she rolls down the window literally jus a PINCH...lol yells to the guy to ask him...i think he started to come to the car cuz she screams drive lol....so we take off...so we drove around stupid n lost for awhile but eventually made our way home lol...
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                  map or no map...

                  Either way....I'll get lost.

                  I will need a very detailed and descriptive map if I am going to use one.
                  Yep, she's pretty Greazy


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                    Rugged torn up powwow map, cellphone, and not afraid to ask two different people for directions in case one tries to screw ya. They did that to my mom, she was one hour out of the way becuz someone steered her wrong on purpose, of course, her man jus' stayed in car while she went in and asked...lol


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                      I don't ever get lost. I've been temporarily and/or severely disoriented a couple of times or two, but never lost.:D
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                        Maps are covering my back seat. And asking for directions is never a issue.


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                          usually maps are for me......but if I find myself lost in the middle of no mans land then I get my cell out and call someone for directions and stay on the phone till I get there. I am too lazy to get out of my car and ask for directions not to mention I would have my kid in the back asking to get out too, and that is just a whole other problem for me......it would be the start of the "I wants"

                          Map and cell phone show me the way.


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                            I have to know exactly where I am going cuz I don't want to get lost. Before I leave on a trip I always use Mapquest or Yahoo maps and get directions, then I always have an atlas in my vehicle and then for more detail, we use individual state maps as they are larger and more detailed.
                            It is a definite plus to have a co-pilot that knows how to read a map as it helps relieve unnecessary stress and of course assist with driving. One time I travelled to a powwow with a friend thinking that she could help me drive and be co-pilot. Turned out, she didn't know how to drive stick shift and didn't know how to read a map, such a bummer and I was so tired and disgusted by the time we returned. So I know in advance who to ask and who not to ask or what to expect, etc.


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