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    I know this seems "small" compared to some of the "important" prayers going on in here. But I need a prayer too. I am suicidal, depressed and my "better?" half just threw me out.
    You can see a lot by watching!

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    no offense

    no offense but i am praying you go to a hospital!!!!
    who lives in a pineapple under the sea? man i wish it was me!


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      There is absolutely NOTHING small about your prayer request or your need for emotional support at this time!!! Everyone here cares for you and I am sure you will receive many prayers sent up to the Creator for your needs to be met and for you to get the help and healing you may need at this time.

      It took great strength and courage for you to post your request, and knowing when and where to ask for help when you are hurting is one of the most important steps to healing. I understand that your heart feels frozen from the pain right at this moment, so I want to encourage you to stay strong and do whatever you have to do to get help for yourself!

      For the moment, forget about whatever head trips, mind games, and abusiveness (mental, emotional, physical, spiritual) this supposed "better half" may have put on you as well as whatever negative feelings or attitudes you may have developed about yourself and RIGHT NOW CONCENTRATE ON YOU!!!!!! The Creator is here to help you, and so are many people if you let them! That means listening to those who have positive things to say and positive actions to suggest...and then follow through on those things for yourself. You are in great pain right now, but all birth is painful, and you have an opportunity right now to give birth to a new, stronger, and better you than you ever imagined before!

      I found the following contact information online. I hope this will help you find the support you need and get you headed in the right direction! If you are at all considering you (and/or him, and/or the world) would be better off if you were dead PLEASE call these numbers or go online and find professional counselors to help you find your way back to yourself!

      Canadian Mental Health Assoc. Suicide Svcs.
      723 14th St. NW #103
      Calgary, AB T2N 2A4

      Business Phones:
      (403) 297-1700

      Crisis Phones:
      (403) 297-1744
      (403) 266-1605 nighttime only
      24 hrs / 7 days
      [email protected]

      The Salvation Army Suicide Prev. Bureau
      9620-101A Avenue
      Edmonton, AB T5H 0B5

      Business Phones:
      (403) 424-9222

      Crisis Phones:
      (403) 429-0230
      24 hrs / 7 days



      Tunkashila, Wakan Tanka, Creator,
      Hear My Prayer
      I beg of you Tunkashila to be with my relative with a wounded heart and a soul of pain. Hold her Tunkashila and help her to understand and accept the gifts that you have given her in your wisdom and grace. Tunkashila help her to seek out those who will be positive in her healing and help her to find and acknowledge the Light you have placed deep in her heart. Give my Sister strength Tunkashila and help her to become whole again through your Love and Mercy.
      Mitakuye Oyasin


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