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what"s your fav t.v show

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    Law & Order: Special Victims Unit. Watched it last night and one of the regulars got herself kilt! Then ER on Thursday nights. Monster Garage, I like what they build. Trading Spaces, (only the ending-I like to see what it turned out)

    You can say I like those dramas-cause I'm an ex Drama Queen!!:mrking:


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      Man.. what happened to Miss Match?? Is that show on anymore??

      Oh I also like Queer eye for the straight guy & What not to wear.



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        Will & Grace
        That 70s Show > Fes is a dumbarse! LOL
        Anything on MTV
        Sex & the City
        Gilmore Girls

        I'm a tv junkie :p


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          My family is into movies and TV, amounst other things.
          we tend to watch these as a family, not as a way to hide from each other.
          we had a TV for each, but have consolidated to one in the family room.
          shows watched regularly,
          the dailey show
          Late nite with david Letterman
          South Park
          sopranoes and darn near any serries on HBO
          Hardball with Chris Mathews
          Free speach TV
          West Wing
          NYPD blew
          Law and Order

          We boycott FOX NEWS
          and Leno, the creep.
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            The Simpsons....

            Married... With Children...

            Law And Order

            Discovery Channel with any Dino Program...

            Sports Center on ESPN.....

            News from CNN...


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              I love Law and Order, and ER! I sometimes get caught up in those Lifetime shows!!!:p
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                I have been watching friends for years now. the whole thursday line up on CBS is pretty good though. (friends,willngrace,scrubs,er) oh yeah!!! anything on animal planet, like those animal precinct shows....
                Proud Momma to Aiyana :2:


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                  Law & order (thanks to my sister) she has satellite so one evening it comes on from 6p until 10p!! Not only does she watch it on TV but she's also studying law!!!!!!! When's enough, enough?

                  hip hop shows on MTV, MTV2, & BET!!
                  Real life
                  The apprentice
                  Average Joe 2
                  Darma & Greg
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                    acgal were on the same and order...ER, NYPD blue and don't forget GOLDEN GIRLS.....
                    blah blah blah....


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                      In this order my favs:

                      1. ESPN Sportscenter

                      2. Friends

                      3. Bill O'Reilly "The No Spin Zone"

                      4. HBO

                      5. Cops

                      6. Tonight Show

                      7. American Idol


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                        CBC's HNIC, Friends, Average Joe: Hawaii, America's Next Top Model, Charmed, Girlfriends, Half & Half, Eve, The Apprentice, Law and Order: SVU, and American Idol. :)
                        Hockey is soul food.


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                          My fave shows are: Friends, Charmed, Will & Grace, Angel and Buffy the Vampire Slayer. Oh yeah, Orange County Choppers!


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                            Ever since school started 2 years ago I can only watch T.V. now and then.

                            But I would say The Simpsons, Inuyasha ( yes I like anime, so sue me. :p ) and anything dealing with nature on the DC and TLC.
                            *Insert witty comment here*


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                              Soap opera's (heehee) my favorites are Passions and Days of our lives. Those are the only one's I will watch. Other than that it's all about Smallville. Oh yeah- I also love to watch Judge Mathis! That guy is hilarious!:Chatter
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                                no one else like's the golden girls:Cry
                                blah blah blah....


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