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  • a word from me

    according to JAY according to JAY


    Isn't there enough of the world to have freedom?
    We got to be free with rules and don't need them.
    These so called americans set guidelines for about a billions of persons.
    which are ran by about less than 10% of the population as agreed on I am uncertain.
    How can we have soverign nations?
    When the government still has a hold on our patrons.
    so far we can't even run our land unless we sell it to a government man
    or we got to have government funds,
    to even start living like government huns.
    How can we get ahead
    needed to stop and think instead
    when all our resources are used like land fills,
    created and killed, justified waste fields
    our nations have no nation
    divided like there is no space to pace in
    separated, raped and invaded
    used as a resource and disposed of as we've been hated
    no one to lead us to our liberation
    tired of living in the background in anticipation
    rise up like our ancestor's and fight for what we believe in
    be stronger and smarter for this is what we needed
    to get to know each other and respect for our future is seeded
    growing children with no morals or sun to be deweeded
    I need a mentor to guide me into the dreams
    so help each other in our fight for what it seems
    is tommorrows war on living free
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    this word from me

    Sorry didn't mean to blow off like that. Todays corporate america makes me mad. At that time my land was being messed with and my family wants to sell. My land is just off of Neahbay, check it out I will also submit another picture on another reply. My tribe is from there on the coast it is beautiful.
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      My tribe is makah, from Neahbay I gots lots of pics
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        here are some more

        more pictures are here
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