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Have you ever met an online person who looked different

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  • Have you ever met an online person who looked different

    Have you ever met an online person who looked different than their picture? I met one, and "saw" another one. Unfortunately, the picture looked

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    mnomzie I met quite a few from yahoo, and they all seemed to look the same. Maybe some of them post a picture of themselves that is outdated a few years? *LOL*
    "Gaa wiin daa-aangoshkigaazo ahaw enaabiyaan gaa-inaabid"


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      I met Sweet Syilx sp? and she is very pretty! Nice person to boot as well;)


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        I have seen peeps chattin and telling how they look...and it was NOTHING close to what they look like. I thought of that commercial with the old fat ugly white dude eating pizza describing himself as "young, fit, loving life, handsome, tall, etc...) and the lady who was on the recieving end of the chat was another "fug-ly" who made herself out to be a beauty. I was like....hhmmm, to each his/her own i guess
        yeah, yeah, yeah...

        ...never underestimate the power of stupid people in groups...

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          I think 95% of the people that I've met IRL through the internet looked waaaaay different then their pictures online.

          But it's only natural to only want people to see your good days! Sometimes it may be misleading, but you can't blame people for wanting to be that gorgeous all the time.

          Web cam pictures are so easy to manipulate too, all you have to do is play with the angle.... lots of lighting will get rid of all those flaws and dark spots on your face.... another angle will make you look EXTRA slim, you will rarely ever see a picture where the camera is straight on the subject... most pictures you will see will have a head tilt things going on.. like in mine :Chatter

          There's a thread in another forum that I post in that has all the Web Cam girl secrets.. they're pretty funny... LOL .. I'll see if I can find them...
          I used to be your type, until I got help...


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            Here's a post from Web Cam Girls Secrets Revealed, there were pictures to go along with it, but I decided not to put them up.. :p

            Ever wonder why some female members always look so damn hot in their user pics, but then they look like dog in person. It’s not be accident this occurs. The easiest way to manipulate an image to make ones self appear better is with a webcam. Here are some of the tricks so you too can look like a total hottie:

            **These pictures are just examples of tricks and techniques. In no way am I saying these people are ug-mo.**

            Note, the true cam diva will mix and match all these tricks and use them together for top-notch results.

            Trick Number 1:

            Never look right at the camera. You must look away from the camera and appear to be caught of guard by something happening beside you. This helps make the picture appear less staged.

            Trick Number 2:

            Sideways head tilt is a MUST. Every good cam diva knows a straight head is a fat head.

            Trick Number 3:

            Show cleavage. This will draw the attention away from your ugly face.

            Trick Number 4:

            When taking full body pictures, bend over and look into the cam so only your head and *** can be seen. This will hide your fat belly.

            Trick Number 5:

            When taking a tummy pic, suck it in and turn sideways. This will hide your wide hips and make you appear slimmer than you really are.

            Trick Number 6:

            Make use of the contrast feature and /or the bright sunlight coming through the window. Bright light and high contrast helps hide skin imperfections and will make your acne crusted face look as smooth and perfect as a baby’s ***.

            This pic also employs trick #1 and #2.

            Trick Number 7:

            If you are so ugly that even the bright light & head tilt can’t mask your ugly mug, let your hair fall in front of your face for a mysterious, sexy look. If that doesn’t work, casually rest your chin on your hands for a cute girl look.

            Trick Number 8:

            When all else fails, put on a stupid outfit and hope people find it cute.
            I used to be your type, until I got help...


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              LOL... that's too funny!!!

              <---- Here's me in all my glory.. big nishnob cheex and all :D


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                LOL thats crazy.

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