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16 is gonna kill me.....

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  • 16 is gonna kill me.....

    ok fellow's I need advice..... my 16 year old is driving me crazy.. :Cry ok let me give a little background to my dilema... I have 4 sisters no brothers... so my male child knowledge was on a try try again basis.. i am leaving early today to let my son get his license and insurance, so today should be (in my thinking) one of those dont make mom mad days... wellllllll nooooooo...... the teacher calls me today sayin that he has a major attitude. and it warranted calling me... ok my question is are all 16 year olds like this? or am I the only oned blessed with the walking attitude?... I mainly just want to know that I am not alone and if any other mom's are pulling their hair out with me... :Chatter :Chatter
    "finding your best friend in life and love is glorious"

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    Ans is it true that boys are worse then girls - if it is man you must be having a b*tch of a time - my 16 yr old daughter is making my hair go grey - well the ones I haven't pulled out yet - anyway!


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      SE the sad thing is is he is the youngest, and his older sister and brother, tended to take alot of his slack ya know the baby thing.. LOL. so they were and still are good kids, he wants to push the envelope constantly, man i hope that thoery is all wrong about boys and girls...:Chatter
      "finding your best friend in life and love is glorious"


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        Mine is the one and only!


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          Well my 2 cents worth on the subject... My oldest niece is 16 and will be 17 on Halloween. Let me just tell you, she is just at that age where only she is right and your not going to tell her otherwise. Also anything shes told to do.. she'll do the opposite or bust! Course even though its been ten years since I was that age, I know I was hell on wheels myself and nobody was telling me anything. Give your teen time... just be there and try not to strangle them.. ;) they'll come around. Mom and I are best of friends now.
          Red Bear

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            thanks redbear, im a waitin for the day...:Help :Argue :3:
            "finding your best friend in life and love is glorious"


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              LOL I hear ya! You'll make it just fine. :Thumbs
              Red Bear

              "I can only show you the door, you have to open it."


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                You know one of my babies. Let me help ya out with this.... doesn't really matter boys or girls.. they all are going to test the boundries, so to speak. Yeah.. the boys are wanting to do the "big guy thing" and tend to feel more of a need than the girls, but what it comes down to.... they need to have boundries. They actually want some kind of structure in their lives.
                Way I dealt with my girls was... the only thing that you are "owed" around here is a bed.. and food. Everything else is a priviledge. That means... cd player.. movies..allowance.. football games and dances....etc etc... these are to be earned and can at anytime be taken away. You earn these by doing what is expected of you.. schoolwork...attitude...chores or what ever else dad and I and them had an agreement on. You wanna get in my face then you get in your own face in your room looking in the mirror while everyone else is at a football game. You wanna talk like shyt to your little sister or me... then you don't talk nice to anyone else on the phone. You don't want to pick up your room... then anything left on the floor is mine. I bagged it up and kept it.. they had to earn it back piece by piece.. cd player.. makeup... clothes.. whatever. And believe me.. it would have been much easier to give in just to shut up the whining... but I only had to do this once!!! and they still have not forgotten it!!
                About the driving.. that is the biggest priviledge there is... all these other things prepare them for this one. And if he can't watch his mouth at school... how is he going to watch it with a person with road rage?
                Don't get me wrong.. I wasn't a tyrannt and my kids did test boundries heck.. sometimes they still do.. but... they are good kids and have a reasonable head on their shoulders.
                Just a couple of thoughts.
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                  OMG, I feel for ya! It will be rough, but there IS light at the end of the tunnel. My four girls were close in age, and each seemed to have a rough couple years.

                  One of my twins (they're the oldest) gave me grey hair when she was 14 - 16. My middle daughter raised heck with me from 16 - 17. My youngest was the daughter from hell from 15 - 17. But they all snapped out of it and grew up overnight it seemed.

                  My other twin wasn't REAL bad like the others, but she has her days - still. She's 22 now and finally got her first REAL job this week.

                  When we were going thru the rough times, it was literally driving me crazy - or at least making me physically sick. I realized I had to take a step back from the situation and instead of being an emotional mom, I had to count to 10 and be a firm parent. Plus I was screaming myself hoarse and that didn't do ANYBODY any good.:Chatter
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                    Are the twins identical or fraternal? If you pinch one does the
                    other one go "ouch!"?


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                      if the boy was out of hand dont take him to get his license and insurance. Responsibility and privelege should go hand in hand.


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