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    what are your thoughts on this? i wonder why we still have them, and why send our children there willingly? i thought this would make for interesting discussion

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    Wow...I am so glad you chose this as a topic! I can maybe see the logic back in the day...maybe...but its 2010...Why are they still here?? I'm sorry but I CAN'T IMAGINE senging my little ones off to fend for themselves and to live pretty much on their own and attend school. I mean to me people send their children off to boarding schools now days because they dont want to be bothered with them or simply cant afford them. I mean this is just my own personal opinion! What is the point of having children just to ship them off?? I love picking my kids up from school...well actually one rides the bus now and is in Jr High. I love hearing about his day and helping him out with homework. I love going to the school functions and interacting with the school and other parents. I can't imagine my son being miles and miles away from me and not knowing what the hecks going on in his life other then phone calls or visists home every now and then. That would just kill me!! I think those kids live a harder life and grow up way to fast in the boarding schools. DONT GET ME WRONG...I know we can't shelter our children from everything but a parent dont you want to be involved in your childrens life?? Education is very important, but so is having a family to support you while getting your education. We have a couple Boarding Schools here where I live and people from out of state dump their kids off at these schools...I just dont understand it for the life of me?? I DUNNO...LIKE I SAID, JUST MY OPINION!
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      Originally posted by cris_neva View Post
      ... people send their children off to boarding schools now days because they ... simply cant afford them.

      I think economics is a major reason why NdN children go to boarding schools in 2010. "NdN people are poor these days" as my cousin always says.

      To cloth, house, feed and maintain a housefull of kids is beyond some families means. In my opinion, I think there is a certain peace of mind for some NdN parents to know that their children are at least getting 3 meals a day at their children's boarding school, while they are having to do without. I think you know what I mean.

      Some boarding schools are better than others. Some boarding schools are actually nuturing their students to succeed in college, their future and throughout their lives. Without this chance they are destined to failure if left in their home environments.

      Sad but true....

      On a different note, my family are products boarding schools. There are many horror stories associated with growing up in boarding schools of the past ... and present to some degree. To the best of my knowledge, the first boarding school was opened in the Yakama Indian Reservation in 1830. From this time into the 21st Century, NdN children as young as four years old, were institutionally kidnapped from their parents, families and communities and sent to christian and government boarding schools to be assimilated into "American" society.

      "American Indian Boarding Schools are one of the few exceptions when Church and State collaborated in partnership together."

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        I totally agree with your points. Then again its 2010, we all know how babies are born & what it cost to raise one let alone more then one. To me if one can't afford to even feed and cloth one ownself, why have a child only to make them suffer right along with you and have that child to do without?? Sounds kinda selfish to me and then is sending them off considered not being selfish because you know they will be cared for?? I get it takes alot to raise kids. I have a soon to be 12 year old son and a 3 year old daughter. I know all about going without and making sacrifices to make sure they have everything they need/want....I work two jobs to make sure they never have to hurt or want for anything...that is my choice...same as the choice for others NOT to do for their children and to just say oh well I know a place i can send them (boarding school). Im not sure if that is peace of mind of them getting the things they need like food and education or them just knowing they have a free babysitter and dont have to deal with the kids. I dunno?? I mean that in the nicest way possible too!! I see both sides but then again, if I can make an effort to raise two kids and my grandma did the same with 9 kids...What are these peoples problems?? No motivation or just plain dont give a care...your chidlren should be your motivation to strive to be the best and to do what ever it takes to make sure they are taken care of....i hate how some just take the easy way out and expect people to feels sorry for them.

        Now i totally get that not all boarding schools are bad, but the stories Ive heard of these ones here are pretty crazy. I mean Im glad they are here as an outlet for those families that really need them and can't afford to support their children. Then at the same time, you knew you couldn't afford to have kids why have them only to be shipped off for someone else to raise. Meaning the workers at these boarding schools. I remember plenty of holidays having kids over because they were left at the school on the holiday breaks. Most of my family worked and still work at boarding schoosl. To this day several of those kids who once attended these boarding schools who see my family out call my aunts and and/or dad...that is just crazy, but again Im glad my Aunt and/or Uncle could be that person they were comfortable with to call family since there own was not ABLE or just didn't want to be there??

        So i see both sides but at the same time...I still dont understand?? LOL
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          Most of the boarding schools that I know about nowadays are high school, except St. Joe's in SD. The little ones that go to St. Joe's are mostly those with no family or a bad family life.

          When my youngest daughters were going into 9th and 10 grade, and we just got booted out of our 4 bedroom house, (thanks a lot ESHA) I sent them to Flandreau boarding school in South Dakota and they loved it. Well, at least my middle daughter did.

          She did volleyball...we got to go see her tourney at the Lakota Nations Invitational. She was in honor dorm and did some fun classes that she couldn't have gotten here. Plus she made lots of life long friends from all over.

          So on our part, she didn't have to put up with no water, electric or heat for the next 6 months. It also kept her away from the partying and other juvenile deliquency here on the rez.

          My younger daughter didn't like Flandreau, went to Chemawa in Oregon - didn't do well there either...tried all the local high schools in the county and it was looking pretty hopeless for her to graduate.

          Luckily my grandma went to Sherman Indian School in Riverside CA back in the day, which made my daugher eligible to attend. She loved it down there. She got in an accelerated program which allowed her to recovered credits and graduate before she was 20 and a couple months before she had her daugher.

          BTW: my grandma went to Sherman because there was no high school where she lived. She liked it, even though they didn't go home until they GRADUATED!! Then she went to Haskell which was about the stayed until your were done. She met my grandpa there and the rest is history.
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            There is one here that is 1st thru 12th...Crazy...1st grade...OMG...they are still just little babies...I can't imagine??
            Be strong, but not rude.
            Be kind, but not weak.
            Be bold, but don't bully.
            Be humble, but not shy.
            Be confident, but not arrogant.

            Lessons Learned In Life


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              we are ndn and we know how to survive with no money. we were the poorest family in the neighborhood but my mom wouldn't have us going to boarding school. if you are broke and have children, well then you and the children are broke. don't ship 'em off to boarding school. that's not the ndn way...


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                I went to a Indian Boarding school, so did most of my family. So did most of the Indian people that I know. It was some of the best years of my life, some good memories, some good, life long, friends. I just look at it as part of the Indian experience. It's really just an economic reality, alot of Indian people are poor, the statistics bear that out. It's just silly to imagine that Indian people have kids so they can send them off to boarding school.

                You hear stories, alot of it is from ancient history, going back a century or more. Having been there, I'd say alot of the more modern stories are from the disgruntled, guys that were in trouble all the time. They would be in trouble no matter where they went. I have stories, but most of them are about having good times, and some of the antics we used to play, some of the stories about some of the guys. All good stuff. It's sort of like the Army, you don't build closer bonds than living with the same guys, all the same age, same backgrounds, same interests, generally. I wouldn't give up either experience, not going to a indian boarding school, or having serve in the Army. In both, I made life time friends.


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                  When my cousin and I graduated from 8th grade (yes a real graduation) we were dying to go to boarding school. We wanted to go to Ft. Sill or Chilloco (sp?). But we got in trouble and got the chops.

                  Most kids around here nowadays, if you get in trouble, you get sent to boarding school. Or it's a family thing too. Since we haven't had a high school in our district for years (we have a small online high school now), some parents like to send their kids to the same boarding schools they went to. We even have some parents that are on those school boards - they liked it so much.
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                    seems opinions about boarding schools vary by generation? you old farts just kidding ha ha ha ha ha


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                      Originally posted by Grits & Beans View Post
                      seems opinions about boarding schools vary by generation? you old farts just kidding ha ha ha ha ha
                      Yeah, like the Indian boarding school that I went to was torn down a few years ago, it's was an old building when I went there. Ours was probably the last, maybe next to last, generation to go there.

                      Today, many Indian families are better off financially, many of the kids go to public schools, where they assimulate more, are more mainstreamers. Maybe even private schools. I have a granddaughter that graduated from a charter school, a cousin who sent her daughter to private schools. My 4 kids all went to public schools, graduated from public colleges.

                      My mother went to an Indian boarding school, also, so did most of her family, my aunts and uncles. They have reunions and stuff, have a good time. Probably a lot of the Indian people she knew went to the same Indian boarding school.

                      Just like the military, my brothers, my uncles, one aunt, cousins, most all the guys served in the military. Today, about none of them are veterans, alot of the younger people are college grads. Just a few of the older generation are college grads, rare commodity, for the older guys. Financial aid changed alot of things. Alot of those older Indians who are college grads, went before there was any financial aid. My older brother, and I, went to college on the GI Bill. For my older brother there was no financial aid, wasn't around when he went. I didn't get any financial aid, only the GI Bill.

                      The demographic has changed alot for Indian people today, they have alot more opportunities, more aid programs for education, more options. My kids even got education grant money from the Tribe. It helped them alot, they probably would not have made it thru college without it. Today, with the same type of grants, and trust funds, from the Tribe, their kids can go to any college they want, within reason.

                      For previous generations, the norm was boarding school, some public school, then the military, GI bill for college, unless you were a real smarty, got full tilt scholarships, like my sister did. My son had a full tilt academic scholarship, nearly maxed his ACT.


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                        No one said you had to send your kids boarding school... And why is this topic brought up again? Wasn't there another thread on this already?

                        Maybe we need to start sending folks to Mambi pambi land to find some self-confidence just like in the GEICO commercial.
                        R.I.P. my Bros from the 1st MAR DIV, 3rd MAR DIV, 25th I.D., 10th MTN DIV, V Corps, 170th IBCT who gave their lives in the Cold War, Marines we lost in Korea during Team Spirit '89 & Okinawa '89- bodies never recovered, Panama, 1st Gulf War, Somalia, Afghanistan, Iraq...


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                          No, I'm pretty sure this is the first thread on this topic. It was something I had mentioned before, and I thought it was a subject that would make a good thread. you can post or not post.

                          i don't make duplicate threads


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                            Wow, not the indian way???....Eh, split on that comment.....

                            I went to a boarding school when I was in 2nd to 5th grade then from 9th to my senior year in high some said, those were the best times of my life....taught me to be independant, to be organized, to learn how to acquire something was to earn taught me to not live art home with my parents or to depend on anyone for anything, they taught me how to do many things which became useful to me in my adult life...Was it scary when I was in 2nd grade, hell yeah!!!....but I don't hold grudges or blame my family for it....back in the day, my family was making money hand over foot, it wasn't because they couldn't afford me or not want anything to do with was to teach me that there was more to life than being coddled at home....Boarding school made me the person I am today....and it helped when I joined the's helped in my business life and my personal life....I know my parents felt bad but you know absence makes the heart grow fonder....thats my personal experience with it and you know what???.....My kid will be going to boarding school.....not because I can't afford her her or anything like that, because I want her to experience what it takes to be independant and to know her daddy is not going to always be around, she will know how to survive...

                            ...And shephards we shall be. For thee my lord, for thee. Power hath descended forth from thy hand. That our feet may swiftly carry out thy command. So we shall flow a river forth to thee. And teeming with souls shall it ever be. E Nomini Patri, E Fili, E Spiritu Sancti.


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                              hey guys thanks for sharing your own experiences and insights. i like the way this thread is rolling!


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