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  • Don Zimmer Misconduct

    I think Don Zimmer, Manager of the Yankees, should be held to the same standard as anyone else. He came out in front of millions of fans and took a swing at an opposing player. The young man didn't hit him back, only deflected the ole guy away from him. I know Don Zimmer is a beloved baseball figure. Heck, he was even in the Cubs organization, but just because he is popular shouldn't mean he should be able to go undisciplined for his actions. What are your thoughts? This is not about hating Yankees, its about holding someone accountable no matter WHO they are. Very unclassy actions for America's game.

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    The incident didn't go undiciplined. According to Pedro Martinez was fined $50,000 and Don Zimmer was fined $5,000. According to the yearly salary of each member, I think MLB acted accordingly.
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      I don't think Zim should be fined anything just because the whole incident of him being thrown to the ground by his head was so funny. I bet the late night talk shows had fun with that one. I'm sure the embarrassment was bad enough on him.


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        I'm suprised he didn't get a suspension. Don Zimmer was clearly the aggresor in the incident.

        Im suprised that Rodriguez got a suspension for getting attacked by the Boston grounds keeper.
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