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    Cameron Diaz Has a Hot New Name
    Call her Firedance. Cameron Diaz traces her ancestry to the Blackfeet Nation in Montana through her mother, Billie. That native American connection apparently prompted Hollywood's highest-paid actress to go on a shopping spree. According to Lloyd Grove, the new gossip columnist for the New York Daily News, Diaz spent a stunning $12,000 on two pairs of moccasins, three leather bags, and a belt.

    Cameron Diaz may be the highest paid Hollywood actress, but she's not at the top of THIS list. Find out where she stands in a list of the top 100 movie stars.

    She purchased the high-end accessories from Apache designer David Jet Black Horse. And as the Daily News puts it, the 50-year-old designer threw in a freebie: a Native American name. David Jet Black Horse has renamed Cameron Diaz "Firedancer."

    Firedancer's hot new love is Justin Timberlake. Check out his video: "I'm Lovin' It."

    "She never had an Indian name before," Jet Black Horse revealed to the Daily News. "I called her Firedancer because it's so perfect for her. The woman is on fire, and she loves to dance! She got emotional. We all did. She really liked it. It's so cool." Wonder what Justin thinks of this?

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