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    When playing the game from the beginning, it is really annoying at first but once you get past all the too well explained instructions it really gets very interesting. The idea of taking the elements of fire, water, earth and air and combining them into something new is absolutely astonishing.

    The elements are supposed to be created in some sort of order (it means you can’t just combine sand with oxygen and expect something). Each time you create a new thing, the icon for that object appears. Before you know it, the home screen is cluttered with random objects you have created by adding two things together. You can always reset the game and create other “things”.

    There are various versions of the game, but the one I've been addicted to is the "Andrey 'Zed" Zaikin" version on the Droid X. This free game has up to 330 elements.

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    I like the puppy licking the computer screen.


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      I used to play that game years ago on the PC, played it for hours on end. Didn't know it was available on the Droid, I'll have to check it out.
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