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so whats going on in the indian world?

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  • so whats going on in the indian world?

    i came upon this website? don't know how just met it somewhere. anyway whats life like in the indian world. i got to say though that this past year i have seen so many fine omg indian babes. i have to say that native chics are most definitely dope. i gotta quit talking to all these white chics and all the other ones i talk to that are not natives. well there not that bad. anyway native girls are live. peace and love to the indians up in this piece. its been along time. i'm old an old man.... word. oh yeah i'm a pretty dope battle mc check me out sometime...
    "she had my back as if there were 2 of
    me and I was watching myself."
    -my love, were are you-

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    yeah,ok.this is pointless!
    next thread please!
    who lives in a pineapple under the sea? man i wish it was me!


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