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Last Minute Gift Ideas for Christmas

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  • Last Minute Gift Ideas for Christmas

    Have you ever had to come up with a gift and fast?!It helps to have a list of ideas in the mind to draw from for the unexpected guest.What are your tricks?

    I'll start us off.

    I bought a nice frame on sale at Micheal's craft store and had some family pics copied at the one hour photo store. Then I put the pics into a collage and used various backgrounds to give a scrapbook appearance.
    total cost? 7.00
    it turned out beautiful!

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    Here is a quick gift idea from a child.

    cut out your material for a scarf.Fringe the ends and have the children put on pony beads and tie a knot to hold the bead. It will keep the kidlets busy and take care of fast gift giving.


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      okay i have one that i use, i make several a year to keep on hand "just in case"

      go to your craft store
      buy 1 fluted top potpourrie jar, $1.00
      one small crochetted doillee to fit over top of jar $1.00
      1-25 ct white christmas light string $1.00 at dollar store
      bag of potpourri
      potpourrie oil if it doesn't smell strong enough for you

      piece of thin ribbon

      take jar...add potpourrie and lights to layer it through the jar as you fill it so that when you turn the lights on they are evenly distributed thrououghout the jar.....then place doiliee over top of jar with the plug end of the light string coming out of top of jar....weave ribbon through the doilee and then tie in a nice bow...

      when you plug it in, leave on kitchen counter, bathroom counter, in the den, wherever, but as the lights heat up , it makes the scent of the potpourrie permeate the room and also makes a soft gentle light ....actually pretty nice when you see them done....

      even the kids can help, and they make great teacher or neighbor gifts.....
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        Trouble that sounds awesome :)
        I got a fevah! And the only cure is more cowbell!!!


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          We give alot of pic prezzies. LAst yr for the mother n father n law I put a pic of all the grands on steel travel mugs. What made it extra special was it was the first and only pic of hubbies niece that my brother n law never knew he had untill her mother decided one day to tell him. It only took a few hrs to do at walmart.
          I got a fevah! And the only cure is more cowbell!!!


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            Along the picture frame idea, you can take out the glass and picture backing, cut a piece of plastic canvas to fit, and you have an instant earring holder. Decorate as you please.

            I wish someone would give ME one of those. LOL
   is what it is...


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              Where else would I find the craftiest ideas for last minute gifts? LOL! From Pow of coarse!

              great ideas! Keep em coming. We know there are procrastinators out there and there are still the unexpected left to show up these next two days!!!!

              I'm gonna use some of these ideas.


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                $450 worth of Target gift cards for 14 people .

                Why must I feel like that..why must I chase the cat?

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                  Originally posted by wyo_rose View Post
                  Along the picture frame idea, you can take out the glass and picture backing, cut a piece of plastic canvas to fit, and you have an instant earring holder. Decorate as you please.

                  I wish someone would give ME one of those. LOL
                  for yrrrrs my earing holder ws a sheet of plastic canvas! It was not fancy but it was great .All I did was put up a lil hook and hang the sheet of canvas from it.
                  I got a fevah! And the only cure is more cowbell!!!


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                    OMG, I can do that!! I may cut it into a cool shape too!!

                    And I can do the gift card thingy too, JD.

                    Actually, my last minute gifts came from the local trading post. They have some awesome earrings, and other jewelry that isn't expensive...and some personalized multi-tools with names on them. Luckily they were still open at 4:00PM Christmas eve, and they wrap for free too....what a timesaver!!
           is what it is...


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                      Hey thanks for all these ideas and I think I will use every idea myself. Hope someone out there found these ideas a help.
                      364 days to shop for Christmas now!


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