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    I need some advice. My daughter is four years old and she is in the Head Start program. Last year she had a postive and productive year. This year she is in a bilingual program and we don't speak spanish. My daughter has been bitten two different times. I have spoken to the main director at the Head start program for my County. I feel like the only other thing to do is to pull my daughter from the program. I would be happy to hear any advice. HELP:34:
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    Well I'd hate to see your child removed from the pre-school program - I sure don't like that she's being hurt by another child and hope that the program is doing all it can to remedy the situation.

    It's good that you spoke with a director - you should call again or better yet go in person. Let the staff member know that you are considering taking your child out of program because of the safety issues. Ask them what strategies they have implemented to curb the biting.

    Some questions:
    Are the staff even aware that there is a child biting? Are they providing you with incidnet reports that tell you what happened in the situation, what was done to take care of your child and to re-direct the other child, and how they plan to prevent further instances? In Manitoba, Pre-school licensing requires these ^ and also requires a policy for discipline and extreme negative behavior.


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      My son is 2 and he got bit once or twice, but my son hit the boy back. The daycenter told me what happened and I met the little boy and even seen his parents, I asked well what was being done about their bitting, and the teachers says they get a time out and their parents are contacted and made aware. When I met the little boy, he was like 3 I gave him the shame on you look and I think he knew it was wrong. My son is still there and there are no more bitting incidents.


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        I hope the parents of the biter are contacted so they can be held accountable for the actions of their child. Perhaps that child will have to be removed if it continues.
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          Thank you both , but About the bitting the teacher was sapposed to do an incident report, apparently she did not follow through with it. The only reason I found out about it was my daughter told me on the way home from school. I called the school as soon as I found out and the teacher was like oh we forgot to call. What got me was that the little girl broke skin. Also since the teacher speaks spanish she doesn't pay as much attention to english as first lang. children. Headstart started testing to test kids this year because President Bush want's to see the actual learning progress. Well when the teacher asked "What do you use a slup for?" My daughter didn't know do you guys? When I asked the teacher what a slup was she said you know what you drink from. I told the teacher "a cup". I then proceed to ask my daughter what do you do with a cup? My daughter replied you drink from it. The teacher said well she didn't know it when I asked her. I said of course not I didn't even understand you. I don't know I am at my wit end. What should I do?
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            are there more than one head starts in your city? Try and see if you can get her transfered to another one.
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              Originally posted by Blackbear
              are there more than one head starts in your city? Try and see if you can get her transfered to another one.
              Yea that is what I finally did yesturday. I ended up pulling her from the program with the condition of her getting into another Headstart program. As a mother I was worried about my childs well being. Do you guy's think it was alright for me to do that?
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                I for one am proud of your decision, keep up with the interests of your child, remember at this time you need to be here to defend and protect them. You are the role model. So yes you did good! Way to go!!! I only wish that you would report the teacher to the union and get that one tossed out! In the least a severe fine for not doing their job!
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                  What I can't understand is why the headstart director has not looked into some of these teachers. I mean the program is so far in the gutter don't you think they would try and save there name? I guess not.
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                    Originally posted by Native Babygirl
                    Yea that is what I finally did yesturday. I ended up pulling her from the program with the condition of her getting into another Headstart program. As a mother I was worried about my childs well being. Do you guy's think it was alright for me to do that?

                    i think you did the right thing...i mean you could have waited for somethin worse to should be able to drop your baby off n feel that your child is in the best care...n not be worrying thru out the day whether or not shes alright....don't question yourself...
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                      Thanks for all the good advice. :clapping:
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                        If the staff knew that their was a problem child and did nothing I would pull my kid.

                        Did you know that these head start programs love to have a lot of children in their programs. It means more money for them. That is why pulling your kid is a good threat to straighten up.
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                          what you could have done

                          I like the decision you went with but the other kids in that same class might have to suffer cause their parents aren't aware of what is going on, I would have made a formal complaint and had a talk with the supervisor or principle. The quality of you child's learning experience is at stake as well as others, it sounds like to me they shouldn't be open. If the headstart instructer can't read proper english then some sort of action is needed.

                          Parents gotta keep getting on these teachers because they are who our kids look to for guidance other than us. Our kids futures are at stake as well as their well being. I had a problem with my son when he got bit and asked for a course of action and I kept up with his teacher and talk with her often. If there are concerns I take it up with the school board, or the so called coordinator.

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                            Every state since april 2003 has to have licensing for children over the ratio of 6. Contact the agency in your state and file a incident report. There are laws that have to done to keep there licensing. Head start has one announced visit and one that is not announced so make a report and expose the facility for not doing it's job. Good luck


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                              Thank You all for your help. I have been waiting now for a week. ( tommrow) and I have not got a call back from the headstart program. They where sapposed to tell me something. I am going to call and asked what's being done and if they found a program that would be sutable for a four year old.
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