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    i know @ least one relative gives you a really horrible christams lets hear it,whats the worst christmas gift you have ever recieved?
    Its the thought that really counts but some of the gifts are bad,i know.
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    I've never recieved any bad gifts..because I know that everyone of them came from the heart..but I'll tell ya about the worst christmas I've had.
    It was last Christmas, my fam and I were at the cabin, and I was really sick with strep throat. I woke up X-mas morning and felt like sh*t. I was all crying opening my presents because I was in pain..I got sent home that day and spend x-mas evening alone:p :Cry
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      When I was little there was me, my cousin Betsy (2 years older than me) and my cousin Jennifer (4 years younger than me). Our greatgrandma always favored Jennifer and for Christmas one year she gave Jennifer a pocketbook in the shape of a strawberry and all me and Betsy got was some bubble bath. We were so mad! Then Jennifer lost her purse and we were soo glad! We were like nanny nanny boo boo! Kids are so funny! We still talk about that to this day!
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        fruit cake or salt & pepper shakers
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          i had a bad Xmas one year too.

          I decided to go w/the man and his fam instead of mine. So we go and they dont even have a tree or have gifts.. but i'm a big gift giver which is more fun anyways... so we got them all presents and they opened them and was like ...blah blah thanks whatever. so i brushed that off and then the dad was cookin but it turns out he was just fixin some lil snack... not a big meal or anyting. so we were hungry and ate Xmas dinner at Jack in the crack.

          then we went home and had a fight cuz we could've been at my mom's really full right then, cuddled up, watchin movies, and laughin w/my fam.

          but oh well. i've had some really great Xmases too and many more to come! :)
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            The firm I work for has a gift exchange and my 'secret santa' gave me the video collection of "Dances with Wolves". Not only that, the package was OPENED already! That's the worst gift I've ever been given :Mad
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