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OK Guys...........Trivia Question Here

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  • OK Guys...........Trivia Question Here

    the other day I was asked if I knew the choctaw version of the story of the creation of the stars..............hmmmmmmmm...............and I can't even find anything on the regular I am sincerely hoping that someone here will have the answer, thereby saving me alot of embarrassment, and having to pay the price of a very big, come on you all...........someone out ....:Cry
    Without love, Baby, we have nothing.......

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    become a browser friendly person.. all I did was type into mine

    choctaw creation story... and this post from another forum that I just provided the link for explains something that someone here already has said, that it varies from family to family... yet provides one he/she knows.
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      thank you for the info

      I greet you this fine Sunday morning and thank you for your reply and the info.........I have checked out the site you sent me, but I guess this is pretty much the same as I have found......yes, it does explain the creation of man, but what I need to find out is how the stars were created...........another person suggested I check out Arapaho stories, as they were somehow related to the choctaw?????????????? peace be with you always...........
      Without love, Baby, we have nothing.......


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        Historical Irony

        The officer who wrote out the terms of surrender that ended the
        Civil War was Ely S. Parker, a full blooded Seneca, and later
        Commissioner of Indian Affairs. But the officer who received Lee's
        flag of surrender at Appomattox was GAC, the arch enemy of all
        Native People.


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          Don't worry that it's not good enough for anyone else to hear... just sing, sing a song.sigpic


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