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  • looking for any help

    Ok here is my question how would I go about being able to see a pow wow in person even though I am part Cherokee I have my moms looks. Sorry but for many years every time I even tried to talk about my dad I was told to give it up cause you see I was adopted at a very young age. And when I was thirteen I got to meet my dad just before he past away so now I have been running into brick walls ever since.

    Thank you for any help
    Take care and live life to the fullest


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    Death: The pain passes but the beauty remains.


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      anyone is welcome at a powwow.and during intertribals..just about anyone can dance...but a word of advice...go to a few dances and watch...see how things are done....if you want to dance...see how the women follow them....nothing is more uhhhhhh fustrasting....than watching a woman mimicing the men....or doing the flower power butterfly thing....go out with'lll usually find someone willing to show whats right or wrong....but the key word is respect.
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        who gave you the idea you had to be ndn to go to a powwow? Anyone can go.
        "Be who you are and say what you feel because, those who mind don't matter and those who matter don't mind!"
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          thank you one and all for your help on my problem because I do hold the up most respect of the native american ways and that is why I am trying to make sure that I go about this the right way.

          Now just need to find one around here and the time off my job to go.

          Would also like to say that I have really enjoyed this site sence first joining it I have found a lot of very nice people here thank you.:Angel2
          Take care and live life to the fullest



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            You will probably have a great time it you go to one. I go to many of them even though I am not NDN since so many of my friends are vendors and dancers. I always enjoy the friends AND the dancing AND of course THE FOOOOOD!!!!
            You can't help but enjoy yourself. There are always so many friendly people there.
            believe in yourself


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              pow wows

              I've been to arizona and there are lots of powwows put on by the tribes that own casino's. There is a powwow search here on this website too. You can put the area you are looking for and then it will tell which ones are in your area. try the calander or the singing and drumming.


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                thank you I have checke out he other sites now I am just looking for some that is on the weekend and also during my vaction time:Angel2
                Take care and live life to the fullest



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