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  • help pls

    ok,im having a jingle dress made but im putting the cones on myself(for the prayers)
    and i dont have 400 prayers so you guys need any prayers?help me out here b/c i wanna do this the right way.
    (but be serious,no jokes pls)
    who lives in a pineapple under the sea? man i wish it was me!

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    oh an Pray for Emmie that she finds a good doctor to fix what ever is wrong with her .
    Better known an loved as Men~Nie Turtles !
    Life is what you make it. Becareful what you give . You just might get it back!


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      I pray and ask for prayer that my newest album reaches the right people at the right time and takes people to places they've never been to before guided by these songs in hopes that they touch people as if the author were a martyr, legacy or legend.
      "she had my back as if there were 2 of
      me and I was watching myself."
      -my love, were are you-


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        Your sincere request shows the beauty of your heart! Thank you for asking to include all of us here in the Beauty of your Prayer.

        I will respectfully request that you pray for the following:

        My nieces need prayers to get through a very painful family situation. They need strength and love to see them through.

        My nephew and his girfriend need prayers as they are very young and going through a situation that even most adults would not get through without being scarred for life.

        My sister needs prayers for her health. She is very sick and needs prayers to heal or the doctors may perform a hysterectomy.

        I could probably sit here and request another 395 prayers, but I will leave it here. I am honored that you will include my relations in your Prayers. Their names are as follows: Sarah, Heather, Ramona, Brittney, & Jake.

        Please do not forget to also make prayers for YOURSELF!


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          You can pray for me, I need prayers to stay on the right path and make good healthy decisions.

          My nephew needs prayers cuz its his bday on Nov 2nd.

          Pray for my bro and his troubles. I will not name them here.

          Pray for my sister and her man and that they can work out their differences and stick together and be a happy, healthy family.

          Pray for My parents cuz they're gettin up there in age.

          Pray for this man who's lost and feels desperate. Pray that God gives him guidance and strength during this tough time.

          thanks girl! :)
          The only time its too late to start dancing is when you're dead.


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            This is good that you thought of doing this in this way.. but baby gurl... don't worry about your prayers. They will come. That is why this stuff takes time to put together.
            Your first prayer will be to the creator to guide you and direct you in your prayers. To reveal those in need. But also.. you offer up prayers of thanksgiving... thanks for all the things you have seen the creator do in peoples lives. (like watching over your momma in her illness and macky... dad getting a job... bringing the newest little swiftbird into the world...etc.) ;)
            Knowing you.. you will run out of cones first, you have a big heart and it is full. Just ask the creator to open it.
            "We see it as a desecration not only of a mountain but of our way of life. This is a genocidal issue to us. If they kill this mountain, they kill our way of life." ~Debra White Plume


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              thanks mary!lol,
              who lives in a pineapple under the sea? man i wish it was me!


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                yep what Mato said.
                Better known an loved as Men~Nie Turtles !
                Life is what you make it. Becareful what you give . You just might get it back!


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