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  • Smokin' Ace

    Due to changes in her life Smokin' Ace has resigned from the Gathering.

    Ace has been a long time member of this site and a moderator for several years. She has spent countless hours online and her work has contributed to the sucess of this site. We will all miss her online.

    We wish her the best - and ask that you keep her and her kids in your prayers.
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  • #2
    Bye we will miss u Smokin :Cry
    Oh yeah, I used to know Quentin...He's a real...He's a real Jerky

    ~Flat Beat~


    • #3
      Going to miss you... thanks for all the sharing and caring. And most of all, the laughs over the years.;)

      Hope you won't be a stranger. My prayers go with you and yours.
      "We see it as a desecration not only of a mountain but of our way of life. This is a genocidal issue to us. If they kill this mountain, they kill our way of life." ~Debra White Plume


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        we are gonna miss you girl, thanks for all the hard work you put into helping this sight grow....see ya around..;)
        "finding your best friend in life and love is glorious"


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          take it easy Smokin Ace.
          The only time its too late to start dancing is when you're dead.


          • #6
            Is someone trying to get a REAL life?

            Smokin' Ace,

            We will miss you greatly girl. I wish you THE BEST in whatever you do, because I know you will be giving it your best. From what I can tell, you make many people proud to know you, and I hope you will at least stop by and let us know how you are doing from time to time.

            Keep on keepin' on. :D


            • #7
              Hang in there, Sis!


              Hang in there, girl...and take the time you need for you right now! It will all work out! YOU are an amazing woman --- with an AMAZING heart, mind and grace that you have selflessly shared with all here at You might be gone from these pages for a bit, but I know you won't be forgotten, and you will be MISSED! The place won't be the same without you!

              You've got my heart, and I've got your are the best friend anyone could have, and I am blessed to have you in my life!

              We're on the way up, chickie....look out world!!!

              Luv ya!



              • #8
                You will be missed my friend. Take care and holla at your girl whenever you have the chance.

                Keep reppin us strong Native sisters.
                Got percap?


                • #9

                  you will be missed

                  but you gotta do what you gotta do Dont forget us ok ;)
                  *~*~*~Do Not Lead me in to Temptation I can Find it myself*~*~*~ :D :uptosomet


                  • #10
                    Ditto to everything everyone else has said! You will DEF be MISSED:Cry
                    Becky B.


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                      Hope all is well?
                      "She also has a very soft skin. The only trouble with snake women is they copulate with horses, which makes them strange to me. She say's she doesn't. That's why I call her "Doesn't Like Horses". But, of course, she's lying."


                      • #12
                        Thanks for your friendliness, your fab sense of humor and your integrity. I'll miss you too and look forward to a time when we will meet again either here in cyber space, in RL or in spiritworld.

                        Best wishes!


                        • #13
                          Smokin' Ace will be fine - just needs to take time to re-group - she's a bad *** sista - when she comes back - you will be able to smell the smoke.

                          I know that she has been asked to be the Mistress of Ceremonies for the ULALI concert at UNCP in November. And she is elbow deep in her television program she is working on. New adventures - new life. Along with a couple of pretty significant other things she is working on.

                          She'll be fine...I know that she appreciates all your love and support......

                          I'm outtie.....;)


                          • #14
                            You'll be missed Smokin Ace. Thanks for all the informative posts we have to remember you by. Check in once in a while.



                            • #15
                              you're da mann smokin'!!
                              hope to see you along the trail, good luck & thanks for all the lubb!
                              "i don't like to walk fast man - i like to strut!"


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