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    Have you ever felt the willies from a certain point in your house?

    I used to live in this three bedroom house with a big basement, and every night at about three or four o'clock I would always get the willies a big chill down my neck and back, but I never really seen anything but shadows. I would hear someone walking and with a cane. My room was next to the kitchen and hated having to wake up a 2am and go to the bathroom. I would wait it out so I didn't have to run in to the spirits roaming around this house. There are three of them, I think one is a little girl. There is a door to our basement and if we shut the door, there would be sounds like a penny bouncing off the door, it was constant until we open the door. It is a real erie feeling around our bathroom, I stopped telling people that there were ghosts walking around the house, they started telling me what they experienced when they went to the bathroom, they would ask me if anyone else was in the house, I would tell them it is just us and they would freak out. I know there was a little dog with me one night and I was babysitting him, I had him tied in the kitchen for the night and the same time around three o clock am the dog just starts barking his head off, so I ran real quick to turn the kitchen light on and ran back into my room, the dog was still barking at nothing I looked under my door to look and see what he was barking at and nothing was there, but it felt real creepy, and I could hear foot steps, the dog was barking at something and looking up. So I opend my door and ran to get the dog and went back into my room, while I was in the kitchen all the cupboards were open and the drawers. My mom asked me what happened in the kitchen I would tell her it was the spirits and she would laugh at me. My mom works graveyard so she didn't come home till like five o clock and all the freaky stuff wouldn't be happening any more. Freaky hours were 2-4 am at that house. I hated that feeling that someone was watching me and I would be by myself.


  • #2 it a real old house JAY....?
    Never squat naked in spurs


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      old house?

      I think it is like from the 1920's it is real nice and comfortable until the spirits walk around and things are moved, I found one of my necklaces in the basement once and I could have sworn it was on my dresser next to the mirror. Weird stuff would be going on. I had a pool table downstairs in the basement and you could hear the pool balls moving but no one would be around. My mom yelled for me downthere once and I was in my room, She goes "I thought I heard you and your friends down there playing pool" I was like wut.


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        yay i get that house is really old too its about 150+ years old....its an old farm house her ein toledo...but yay usually i get that whan i leave like i forgot women are more supseptable to this momma said its one thing that seperates us from the men...but having 6ht sense isnt bad...ya tend to have stronger 6th sense after ya have a kid...its just part of being a woman...becca


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          with the house part its always i get it from the upstairs in my mommas room where i get the willies....but that happens alot even when i pass by alotta old houses...sometimes i just feel like its just too creepy for me... so i dont go near them house has alotta sqeeks and weird noises cuz its an old house it used to be really bad to where i would keep the t.v. on all night..becca


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            sounds like too much Stephen jks

            I think a lot of it has to do with your spirituality. I dunno what your guys ways are but I would prolly smudge. K, nuff said.


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              I have a sick sense...
              believe in yourself


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                sixth sense

                I had actually talked to some pretty strong medicen people and talked about getting my house cleansed, I would smudge often but during the day, by the time night time came I would try and be sleep. I get that creepy feeling from other places too. I would feel like a coldness and then my neck would get a tickle I got the willies and would go out side or move. Too weird, I would sometimes see shadows or silouetts. Doors would close, floors will creek but I try and stay away from them spirits, they can sit on your chest and make you stop breathing sometimes, some one once told me to wiggle your toes and they will move, some of them want to try and enter your body, they will watch you while you sleep and make a move.


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                  yay i do smudge myself otherwise i cant through the day...every now and then i have to remind myself to smudge my house..sometimes i forget but thats me being forgetful*lol*..becca


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                    hay now stephen kings movies and books are okay well some arent so good and some are...but in his movies man he pops up everywhere*lmao*-becca


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                      I know they are there it is just proving it that is hard, stephen king likes Seattle for some reason. Has anyone seen that movie Rose Red about the house on queen ann in seattle. It is a long but really interesting movie. Along with that move is Ann somethins diary she was the originator of Rose Red and she owned it and kept building it and it was so creepy the house swallowed people and started changing it's self, they say it was on a indian burial ground. This movie is a good one, it made me think of my creepy house, so I had nightmares after this movie.
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                        Ewww that's scary.. Im all superstitious about old houses too.. don't like em at all. My tribe bought this old farm house down the road from the rez and put our cultural society in there.. boy was that ever a freaky victorian farm house.. I hated being in there by myself.. I'd stay right by the dang door when I was working there by myself. Yikes.. I knew something was in there. I usually don't get freaked out myself... if I do.. then I know something's wrong.. that's my instincts kickin in.


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                          jay...maybe ur the main character in the movie The Others..jj
                          Death: The pain passes but the beauty remains.


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                            ewww I used to freak out on that scene, the part where Nicole is looking at those old pics of the dead people sitting up and she sees the ones she took into her house... freaky!


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                              that movie freaks me out too:Cry :26:
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                              Death: The pain passes but the beauty remains.


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