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    We were at a wedding at Viejas Casino on Saturday, by Sunday morning there was smoke and ash all over the place. Jr Whitecloud and his family as well as some others had to literally run for their lives!! Despite what the news reports saying about some of the people waited too long to leave, that was not the case. They had no warning whatsoever!! Thankfully, they all got out alive and safe, but still no word on their houses and such as of yet. We are keeping in touch.


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      I heard the same thing. My friends house that burned down had almost no warning and a harrowing drive down Wildcat Canyon.

      Sea World is probably around 20 miles from the fire.
      It is so sad that a family can torn apart by something as simple as a wild pack of dogs.


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        I find it peculiar that the rez' were not given a "formal warning" yet the affluent neigborhoods had police banging on doors and driving street to street...:33:warning the families of the danger. My baby Sis lives in Ventura and the police were and are continuing to do so....hmmm
        "Those who say it cannot be done should not interrupt those doing it."

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          Jingle_genie is okay!

          Yippee!! :bouncy:

          just got a call from jingle genie and she is okay in cali! They just had no power at her work today so thats why she didn't get on line! But as for right now she is alright. :D

          :clap: :clap:


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            Lets hope there no copy cats who try and pull that arson sht up here in central cali. We got same hot windy gusts like los angeles good luck to all you brothers and sisters with family in the fire zones.
            So broke I'm thinking of pawning my gold toof!


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              Man I've been trying to find out about them fires out west. When I seen Lakeside, I was like hey, that's close to Barona Rez. Man I sure hope them peeps are all ok. Hope that kickazz casino resort is intact too.


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                SOOOO sad prayer go out to all who have to wounder will governer Eclect Arnold help the rezes rebuild with FEMA $$$$ or help from the state????


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                  Anyone got any news????????
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                  The things you are doing today are the traditions of twenty-five years from now.
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                    Just heard a firefighter was killed and 2 others hurt in the fires. They are saying the winds are increasing and make things worse again.

                    My prayers go out to everyone.
                    The things you are doing today are the traditions of twenty-five years from now.
                    -Daryl Baldwin: Miami



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                      One of the fires in San Diego County was the result of a hunter
                      who got lost, panicked, and lit off a signal flare, which got out of
                      his control. The fire killed two people, and he is probably going to
                      be up on manslaughter charges as he did not set the fire
                      deliberately. He was not malicious, just stoooopid.

                      The two San Bernadino fires which merged into a single fire were
                      the work of an arsonist. I know that this is unconstitutional and
                      probably morally wrong, but when I hear about the activities of
                      these arsonists, especially when someone is killed as the result
                      of their crimes, my first response is that they should revive a form
                      of capital punishment popular in the middle ages, and used
                      mainly for religious dissenters, namely burning at the stake.
                      Oh, well....


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                        Originally posted by ndnkidz_5
                        SOOOO sad prayer go out to all who have to wounder will governer Eclect Arnold help the rezes rebuild with FEMA $$$$ or help from the state????
                        Gov-elect is in DC working to get FEMA funding....hope he 'flexes' all he can to ease the projected $100 mill these fires are going to impact on California....(ching-ching)
                        "Those who say it cannot be done should not interrupt those doing it."

                        ~ Ah nech me hewet ~ :49:


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                          Yeah genie left a message on my machine on Tues. nite ,her and her man's family are doing fine. Yesturday I drove down to the north county to check on my mom and a few friends. There all doing ok, but there suffering from unhealthy air. The surrounding communities have air readings of 71 or 81 these are the ones that live along the coast. The city where I was at had sever warnings to stay indoors. This dumy ndn gurl was driving around town taking my mom shopping and a few other things too. I practically was there all day. I didn't get home till 8:30 pm, and thats when I got sick. The hubby had to take me to the emergency room for breathing problems. I'm such a dork. I was at a friends home earlier that day watching the news. All those in the unhealthy area's were supposed to breath thru a wet wash cloth. I feel sorry for all those that have to breath in that nasty stuff.It' a reading of how much toxins are in the air per pound? Well something like that. If there's anybody that can explain it better than I please post. Other than that . The San Diego comunity is just devastated. The local new's is so biast down there. It's hard to get info on the rez's down there. Yesturday I was reading bout the fatalities, it was so sad a majority were elderly that just collasped at the sight of there homes burning. The rest who waited to late to flee there homes. 5 of these were found laying along side there pet. A woman from Barona dead. Thats litterally all they had to say about her.


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                            Did any of you see the look on Arne's face when he 1st met with the media, on Monday. He had the look of sheer terror. The rest that came out of his mouth was pure acting, and bad acting at that. I know Gray Davis really srewed us in the a$$, but he pulled us thru major earthquakes. He doesn't need to follow a script or need dialoge coachs. Since Sat, Davis was working with the President, on declaring these counties disater area's. Arnold and wife didn't show there faces till Monday. :Yell What, were the fires not on his to list?HmmmMonday morning star acting like a govenor. Monday afternoon visit the busy firfighters. Monday early evening ask for help, along with his wife in tow. Plee for the community for basic needs. And lastly hide my wallet and check book.


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                              So sorry to hear this . Just an idea how bout we ask paul to use the money to help those in the fire . Just a thought.
                              Better known an loved as Men~Nie Turtles !
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                                10/28 Update of Southern California Fires on Reservations
                                > This is the status of the fires in Southern California on
                                > reservations and to give an update. This is the report from Jim
                                > Fletcher, Superintendent, Bureau of Indian Affairs Southern
                                > California Region. They cover Riverside, San Bernardino, San Diego
                                > and Santa Barbara counties.
                                > 10/28 - 10:30 a.m.
                                > San Bernardino County
                                > * San Manuel - All vegetation burned, two homes damaged. Because San
                                > Manuel is located on a hillside they are suffering from erosion
                                > problems.
                                > Riverside County
                                > * Pechanga - Fire contained, no threat. Pechanga has opened its hotel
                                > to those tribal members that lost homes from Rincon, La Jolla, and
                                > San Pasqual.
                                > San Diego County
                                > * La Jolla - Active fire, CDF is on seen. Fire is on the ridge and
                                > threats Pauma if it moves down the valley.
                                > * Rincon - More than 3,000 acres burned, more than 20 houses lost.
                                > * San Pasqual - Entire reservation burned, all houses lost (67), two
                                > confirmed fatalities. Expect to find more fatalities. Earlier reports
                                > of casino lost were inaccurate, casino is still in tact.
                                > * Barona - Four confirmed fatalities, 40 homes lost, daycare lost and
                                > several out buildings lost.
                                > * Capitan Grande - all reservation lost, no homes or structures are
                                > located on reservation.
                                > * Viejas - One-half reservation burned, no structures lost.
                                > * Jamul - Fire moving close, under threat.
                                > * Sycun - Fire moving close, under threat.
                                > * Santa Ysabel - fire within three miles, reservation evacuated.
                                > * Mesa Grande - fire within three miles, reservation evacuated.
                                > * Capitan Grande - Completely lost, no homes or structures are
                                > located on reservation.
                                > * Inaja - Unconfirmed three houses lost.
                                > * Pala - not under threat, opened hotel to those tribal members that
                                > lost homes from Rincon, La Jolla, and San Pasqual.
                                BELOW IS WHAT CNIGA IS DOING....
                                > Disaster Fund Created for Tribes Devastated by Fires
                                10/29/2003 - CALIFORNIA


                                A disaster relief fund has been established for California tribes
                                tribal members victimized by devastating fires throughout Southern
                                California. The fund is being established at the Borrego Springs Bank
                                in La
                                Mesa by the California Nations Indian Gaming Association.

                                A number of tribes were particularly hard hit by the flames.

                                Sixty-seven of 68 homes on the San Pasqual Band of Mission
                                reservation were destroyed and two people were reportedly killed when
                                swept Valley Center.

                                Forty homes and two small buildings were destroyed on the Barona
                                of Mission Indians reservation near Lakeside. The tribal hall and
                                center were spared. All residents of the Barona Band of Mission Indians
                                safe and accounted for.

                                Twenty homes were lost on the Rincon San Luiseño Band of Mission
                                Indians reservation in Valley Center. Ninety-eight percent of the
                                on the San Manuel Band of Serrano Mission Indians reservation near
                                was destroyed, leaving the hillside reservation subject to potentially
                                devastating erosion. Half of the Viejas Band of Kumeyaay Indians
                                near Alpine was burned, but fortunately no structures were destroyed.

                                "Our hearts and prayers go out to these and other tribes that
                                so greatly in the fires," said Brenda Soulliere, chairwoman of the
                                California Nations Indian Gaming Association.

                                The fund is being established to provide immediate assistance to
                                tribes directly impacted by the fires. It will be a permanent fund for
                                future disasters.

                                Persons wishing to contribute are asked to make checks out to:

                                The Disaster Relief Fund for Tribes
                                Borrego Springs Bank
                                ATTN: Joanne McBride
                                7777 Alvarado Road, Suite 114
                                La Mesa, CA 91941



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