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    Anybody want to tell a story from your childhood?

    I will start by telling one.

    One Christmas morning, we opened our presents in our stockings and under the Christmas tree, and Santa brought me everything on my list. I was so happy with my new toys and trinkets.

    Then, as one of my brothers was opening the last package under the tree, my folks, said "Wait, there is one more for Bearcat, but it was too big for Santa to leave under the tree."

    So, my dad struggled with this HUGE box, brought it over to me and I wondered just what it could be because I already had gotten everything I wanted. So, I unwrapped and opened it. Inside was another smaller box, and I unwrapped and opened that one. Then inside of that box was yet another smaller box, which I then unwrapped and opened. And another smaller box inside of that one, which I unwrapped and opened. This went one for several more smaller and and smaller boxes, down to finally a very tiny box. Now, after all the laughter from my family as it took nearly half an hour to get to this point, I must admit I thought okay, must be jewelry. And I unwrapped and opened that box and inside of it was a note. The note said to go look on the back porch.

    So I go out to the back porch with mom, dad and my brothers following me.

    There was a brand new saddle for my horse. I immediately burst into little girl tears. Tears of sheer happiness.

    You got one you want to tell? I'm all ears ...

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    One Thanksgiving, I was around 9, and the family dinner was at our house. Our dining room table had 2 leaves for the middle and drop leaves on the end. My dad was at the head of the table, getting ready to carve the bird. It seemed that whoever had put that leaf up, didn't lock the hinge properly and the drop leaf lived up to the name. Down went the leaf, but my dad did manage to save the bird from hitting the floor by sticking the carving fork in it. LOL! The only thing that fell was his glass of tea and the turkey platter.
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      Lol! Bearcat that was awesome!
      Suebeads.. I'd have loved to see something like that!

      I spent the night with my best friend who lived down the street at the time. My mom said not to go anywhere else but we did... To my house in the backyard with a cooler we filled with Concorde grapes my dad grew! It was a hot night and she and I was slap happy calling ourselves welchkins and eating grapes till our stomaches hurt. My mom had called her house before we got back though and we hadn't answered so even though I was technically home... I wasn't where I was supposed to be so I got grounded lol!
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        When I was 6 at Christmas time I didn't get many presents, but they were very cool...a stuffed dog from my auntie, a viewfinder from my gma, color by number crayon set from Santa, and a Busy Bee from Mom and Dad that held a pen and turned on to make squiggles or zig zags and other designs. Then I opened the other present from Santa and it was another Busy Bee! Right then and there I knew there was a Santa Claus and I believed it for a couple more years...until the year I only got clothes... is what it is...


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          One time at band camp...............Hey, somebody took my flute.


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            ...and then you didn't want it back!

            When I was about six, we helped a calf be born, and it became like a pet. When it was almost fully grown, my dad decided that it was tame enough for me to ride. He put me up on the back of the heifer, but the dog came running down the hill, barking away at this odd sight.

            The heifer took off, and I was holding on to what hair I could grab, but she ran under the eaves of the chicken coop and I got knocked off. I didn't get hurt, (probably crying anyway LOL) but my dad quit making me do crazy stuff.

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   is what it is...


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              LMAO....NOW THATS FUNNY.

              I remember spending a lot of thanksgivings before I was drafted into the kitchen prep area...(hahahaha) watching the Macy's Thanksgiving parade with my father and sneaking in (come on, who sneaks into the kitchen where your mom is cooking?) to the kitchen to filch a piece of ham or turkey or a yam (yes a yam) or some cranberry jelly for my dad. He always shared until my mum starts throwing stuff...hahahhaaha. Then when the parade was over we would gather at the table which was so full, you had to hold your plate and we would say grace and then we would make plates and get to sit in the front room on a sheet to eat Thanksgiving dinner while my dad watched the football. Good times, good times :)
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