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does anyone know what dejavu's mean?

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  • does anyone know what dejavu's mean?

    I've been having a lot lately and it seems weird and kinda like hmmmmmmm..????? like I did it before but I didn't , well y'all know what I means eh...? :)

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    "already seen"

    The definition of déjà vu commonly cited in the medical literature these days is "subjectively inappropriate impressions of familiarity of the present with an undefined past." This definition unfortunately sucks, since it requires you to understand the thing being defined before you can understand the definition.

    A better take on it is that déjà vu is the uncanny sensation that you are reliving some unknown past experience. The other essential feature is that the relived past experience is unknown--you cannot recall having previously had the experience, and indeed you may realize that it's impossible for you to have had it. You just somehow feel that you have.

    Some explain déjà vu by analogy to a tape recorder. They propose that memory storage is accomplished by means of a "recording head" and memory recall by a "playback head." During déjà vu the two heads are erroneously situated above the same bit of mental blank tape. An experience is thus recorded and remembered simultaneously, with the result that the present is experienced as the past.

    It's long been known that prolonged or frequent episodes of déjà vu are associated with various psychiatric or neurological disorders. Some now consider déjà vu, in conjunction with other symptoms, to be diagnostic of a type of epilepsy. Researchers have found that electrical stimulation of the brains of epileptic patients in some cases can trigger the déjà vu phenomenon.

    Nothing you need to worry about. On the contrary, it seems pretty clear that what some consider a glimpse of the supernatural is more than likely just a cognitive burp :p
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      that happens to me a happens alot right after i pass out and wake up the next morning and look at the pictures of the night before......its i was there or something:dontknow: :Scared
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        i get de ja vu .... cuz i dream things happen then they do. and i go ja vu....

        on a totally unrelated subject, well not totally... there was a club in cleveland ohio called vu ja de....

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          Psychology defines Deja Vu as
          the illusion of already having experienced something that is actually being experienced for the first time:p
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            I'm feeling kind of strange here.. like I read your question before.
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              I'm feeling kind of strange here.. like I read your question before.

              "We see it as a desecration not only of a mountain but of our way of life. This is a genocidal issue to us. If they kill this mountain, they kill our way of life." ~Debra White Plume


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                it means if you see something hot like a hottey in a dream and then you see her in real life its meant to be.
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                  it means

                  that within seconds of having a dejavu most likely one will say "whoaa - dejavu" !
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                    :p ... some of you are to


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                      I heard it means your living your lives on track.:p


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                        LOL ..Been here before . Just never knew who you ppl were ! J/K good explination tho . Now I gotta think again dayummmmmmm
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                          I to have had experiances like Emmy and it kinda tweeked me a bit cuz i dont know if it was a good dream or a bad dream, like is something bad about to happen right now or what?? Anyways does any body have any scientific explanation for this occurance. What I mean is what would cause such a reaction??? (drug flash backs excluded as well as tumors and things of that nature) What causes it exactly!?!?! cuz its a pretty strange feeling.....Dokca....:Shocked
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                            It means you are spending way too much time on PW.COM and you need to go surf ebay or check your email occasionally ROFLMAO!
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                              maybe I'll take your advice...:p


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