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    a good friend of mine has a little son who is 6 and does not really know his real daddy.Jessies 4 year boyfriend asked jessie if it would be ok if Glen called him daddy. they aint married but Jessie was really surprised when he asked her. ****************************
    my question is do most step parents just have the kids call them by there first names or do they call them dad or mom? or does it depend on on the sircumstances?
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    My thoughts....

    I think it's kewl, but it really depends on the individual.

    In my situation, my children call their stepfather by his first name, and call their stepmother by her first name. That is what they are comfortable with. They often refer to their stepfather as "Dad" on occasion. I am totally fine with whatever they are comfotable with. I think it's kewl for him to call his stepfather "Dad", that's an honor for the stepfather. Maybe that's just his way of expressing his positive feelings toward his stepfather.

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      I dont really think it is a big deal. My daughters call their step mom "momma". And I don't mind that at all, she is good to them. The girls I've inherited call me mom or by my name. The children know the scoop. :)
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        My girls called there stepfather by his first name, and my step kids always called me by first name too. But I think if the kids are real little, it's easier for them to start calling them Mom or Dad. But I can imagine that would be a little confusing for them, too. Especially if they see their 'real' mom or dad very often. is what it is...


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          I call my stepdad "dad" and my biological dad by his first name. But when I introduce him (biological dad) to my friends or something, I introduce him as my dad. It's not that i'm being mean or anything, it's just that i'm not comfortable with calling him dad on a day to day basis. I mean I really didn't have that close of a relationship with my biological dad until just a couple of years ago...but my mother and stepfather have been together for almost 16 years....and he's the one I grew up I call him dad....but I have 2 i'm very fortunate.
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            I call my step-dad by his first name as well. I often will refer to him as my dad..., or if in a situation, someone may refer to him as my father, and I do not feel the need to correct them. I also have a great relationship with my dad (biological), so I think I may just be lucky enough to be in a good loving relationship with both parents, and step-parents.

            If your friend's boyfriend has offered for her child to call him "Dad"...well she should feel as though she is lucky to have a man who is willing to love her and her son! :) I'm sure he feels as though he has been there as a parental figure 3/4's of his life, so why let her son go without someone to call daddy.

            There may be different dynamics to look at, but at this point...with our without a father figure, there's no doubting he doesn't get enough love.



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              If my boyfriend ever asked my son to call him dad I would be happy for the both of them!! They started out rocky because my son had me too himself for so long, so it was tough to let a strange man in.

              But now they are very close after all these years! :Heart :Heart

              I think it is great if a step parent feels that bond, where he or she is comfortable taking the responsibilty of taking on as the other parent. More stability for the child!
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                hmmm............i call my step father dad in front of my biological father and his first name when i kick it with him............i also call my mother by her first name...............i dont use the words mom or dad unless i feel like i need i guess it really depends on the person
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                  I also call my mother by her firstname at times.
                  It's not that I prefer it that way, but seeing as we work together often in the business world...It's a lil' more proper than calling "Mom" all the time.


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