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  • Insane pet Antics

    Ok for starters my dog doesn't act like a dog, she acts like a lil gurl. She competes with me for my husbands attention the moment he sets foot thru the door. She bounces up and down, and will push me out of the way. She pouts and won't even look at us when she's mad. My husband say's she acts just like me:o buh as if. Ok maybe a litttle. We love our little gurl, wouldn't trade my lil rez mutt for anything.:p

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    My cat has MUCH attitude, he's a big time brat!......he'll ignore you but sit right in front of you w/his back to you, or when he's feelin' "lovey" he gives us these squinty lil' eyes & puts his paws on your knees, but the best is when he's really happy to see us, when we pick him up he HUGS us! He puts his paws around my neck & nuzzles his face into my hair.....he's tooo damn funnY! who would've thought....a hugging cat!!! i lubb him tho, had him for almost 9yrs now
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      My friend has taught her horse to lay down when she does and roll over like a dog.
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        Originally posted by Pony
        My friend has taught her horse to lay down when she does and roll over like a dog.
        Truly a great accomplishment! Can he bark too?


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          Can who bark? The friend or the horse?? lol jks


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            We had a cat named Rocky who was getting out of hand crawling on the counters, etc. so we kept her next to her litterbox in the bathroom for awhile, door closed. Everytime we came in, she would jump into the bathtub and wait for us to wave a piece of toilet paper around and bat at it while we were sitting doing our business.

            One day I went in, drew a bath, walked out, came back in and I'll be damned if that dumb cat didn't jump into a full bathtub of water...She was quite po'd, even though it was her own


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              my dog is great! we dont have any children so shes our child for right now.
              she is a picky eater! she only eats Little Champ packages and if u try to feed her dry food, it better be a light color. we fed her kibbles and bits and she picks out the light colored and leaves the reds and browns....its quite amazing.:p
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                Not Crazy but Cute

                About 4 years ago, I was given a cat named Spock (she was a female and I didn't name her:Chatter the fancydancer who gave her to me..well he was the one who named her)..
                Anywho, Spock was just my little brat, everytime I would go to bed, she'd crawl right under the covers next to me, and sleep like that all night:) it was really cute, but sometimes I was scared I might roll over her
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                  My cat is the most clutsy cat ever...she can fall off ledges while she is asleep and unlike most cats..she does not necessarily land on her feeet. I have caught her in mid air many times...
                  believe in yourself


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                    water to wash down

                    one of our horses Zep (Zeppelin) wont eat until he picks up the feed bucket in his teeth ad drags it to the water bin where only then will he eat.Then drink right after.Doesnt matter where the bucket is he will drag it.
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                      I met Jingle Genies cat last nite!

                      Mr.Chiefy is his name. It's his house, genie and her man just live there. He's sooo cute. He has big huge eyes.He's just 6months old but he's enormous, big huge arms and paws. Yup he's straight rez too. Just sneaky try to hide that ketchup packet from us.:p


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                        And he has good taste in fine jewlery!! Ain't that right Wallflower :)
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                          I would have had your man sifting thru your litter box too. Snecky thing. Think I'll make him a lil lounging shirt, for my nephew.:D


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                            you break it you pay for it , you eat it you pay for it. :D


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                              Well I heard this odd sound in my kitchen one day..kinda like a big bird chirping very loudly! every time I went in there though it quit. Come to find out I have a guinea pig that does this rare chirping thing.. can't catch whatever it is he is chirping for, but my guess is he is singing to his ladies.

                              The neighbors have this insane duck that sounds insane when it quacks ..especially at 4 am!
                              Don't worry that it's not good enough for anyone else to hear... just sing, sing a song.sigpic


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