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    As you know it is or can be fatal to drink alcohol. So I strongly recommend, if you are not able to cope with it - don't do it. Do not drink. What do white people say? Fire water? Do not. It messes up everything. There is no need to mess up good spirits with bad spirits. The only problem is that I began to drink occasionally after a life long not drinking habit. My life is too hard to avoid it sometimes, yes. Well, but my fahter died of it. So it is best not to drink! I used to be a complete opponend of drinking. So many people are just careless. How can I go on living without friends? I don't know. But those that have fríends or family who care - do not dissapoint them but stay abstinent if you do not be able to handle alcoholic spirits. Everybody thinks I am strong but no I am weak and forced to be strong. No choice - when you drink either you go under or getting of the stuff. I am not a drinker but I fear for my life if I do not get a close friend soon that sees ME as the one I am. Sorry about me again.
    My message... do not drink!!!

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    Stay Strong and Hold On! I respect you are posting here, reaching out. You are NOT in denial, so you are in stronger way to to do the right thing.

    My college buddy just got his 3rd DUI. Good thing he was caught before getting somebody hurt or killed.

    He now says he has a problem with alcohol. I hope he is sincere. He now will get time in jail, then sobriety classes to attend for a year. His driving PRIVILEGE is now revoked.

    He has so much talent, everybody says this...but he is always around drinkers, and has to be the life of the party, even though this is ruining his life.

    Now, he will not be able to get to performances, many are in rural locations, no bus or trolley, etc.

    A few years ago I saw his father's Death Certificate - Cause of Death : Cirrhosis of Liver.

    Maybe now, he will get serious? Not like the 1st or 2nd time?

    F.G.W. you will be good, keep busy with projects, and find good listeners that KNOW you.


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      Isn't it sometimes or maybe often that people with a beautiful mind and heart and talents get squashed by those that prefer to be ruthless and that's why they drink? Well, maybe not, others drink as well. As for me, I don't drink and I have not planned on doing so. Occasionally when things get too hard in mind to bear, that maybe once or twice a month. Oh man, I just do not want to start the habit of it. Amigo, concerning your buddy, I think it takes a lot of strenght to actually stay away from it. It's definately not the right thing to hang around with others that drink. Finding good listeners that KNOW me? Hm... I can listen as well though. I don't know any that know me outside the internet, not really. And other germans don't want to get to know me and a lot of the way they think is not how I think. Hm...

      Amigo - thank you for your answer here.


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