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    Originally posted by wyo_rose View Post
    I agree! I cannot read all these lengthy rambling in one long paragraph.

    Anything over 5 lines needs to be paragraphized.

    Not that it makes it any easier to digest, but it is easier to read.
    Excuse, me lacking english here. What does it mean, writing in paragraphs?


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      Originally posted by docat View Post
      I concur with Elo Janis. Powwows used to be fun. But it has turned into a place of trolls and thugs, and now I see why so many belong and so few show up. It's become a questionable use of my time.

      That last sentence that Elo Janis writes should make every Indian here think.
      I second that docat as I face the the trolls now just because I serve my intire family Internet that the kick my cuz John out and he no longer allowed back like he realy wanted to stay in witch he had no plans of staying here in this forum he only came in to the forum just on a one time deal to speak on my behalf


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        Originally posted by Spiritflight View Post
        Excuse, me lacking english here. What does it mean, writing in paragraphs?
        When reading text online or in print, it is much easier to read if the paragraphs are only 5 lines or so. It is one of the reasons that newspapers have very short paragraphs.

        A short paragrph makes everything easier to read...and clearer too. The simple act of making short paragraphs can make the writer think about saying things more succinctly...and that aids in understanding.


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          Your bigger font helps too!!

          I was wondering how folks could stand to write such LOOOONG passages...didn't realize they were using a word processor, then pasting them in.

          Powwows are is just have to look at the good and ignore/block/deal with what you don't like....just as you deal with other things in your life.
 is what it is...


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            Awww...just read the mention above.

            Thanks, JD!!! It's nice to be appreciated!
   is what it is...


            Join the online community forum celebrating Native American Culture, Pow Wows, tribes, music, art, and history.

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