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    Disappointment in people happens every day. If you didn't grow up with them, you are at a loss for their true background, and history.

    Fakes and Users out there, keep your guard up!


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      Ah, snap! Now I gotta re-filter all my facebook ‘friends’ and Xbox Live ‘friends.’ This is gonna take more time than I have this weekend… Couldn’t we have this discussion until after I open all my stocking stuffers?


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        Who the He## decided to bring back those pointy-toed shoes that are all over the mall right now? They are even longer than the old fashioned ones.

        I think they look like something that should be going down the Yellow Brick Road!!!

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        Native's who live in CANADA check this out!
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        >>>I'm A ***** by Emily
        >>>Did you know that native americans in canada have a card that
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        Someone told me it had to do with someones culture. Then someone said people are rude because they can do it and know they can get away with it.

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        Ok, i've seen all these threads trashin "wanabe's", and I agree.

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        feast day
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        sorry, its NOT a pow-wow by any means
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        10-05-2012, 10:36 PM



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