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  • Happy halloween

    Happy Halloween everyone. I hope you all have a "Spooktackular Halloween" lol. My daughter thinks I have gone all "Cave Woman" because I am building a small fire in the garden from scratch with dry tree branches and leaves, as I brought Giant Yummy Marshmallows which we only get here in boring England on Halloween, so I am going to Toast them over a real fire using long tree twiggs to spear them with lol. Ive got a dozen of Halloween Krispy Kreme Yummy Doughnuts too. She keeps saying I am like a big kid the way I am excited lol. Happy Halloween.

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    The jury is out on this year's Halloween. I was just treated to the spectacle of one of my colleagues wearing a large gift wrapped box, with a giant bow and a tag that reads: "To: Women From: God" I went to carve my little pie pumpkin last night, and it was so fleshy and yummy looking that I baked with brown sugar, cinnamon and butter. Not getting into the spirit much, LOL.

    We've exported Krispy Kremes! I just don't get it. Maybe they are good, when hot. But every time I've ever encountered them, they've been cold and have suffered an unfortunate phase change.

    Make sure you use a non-toxic stick with those marshmallows. (Yes, I can find danger in every corner, LOL.) When I was a kid, I used to toast them until the outside was nicely browned. Then I'd pull that layer off, eat it, and roast the marshmallow again.


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      Happy Birthday Everyone...... jokes. Happy Halloween!!


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        Happy Halloween, everybody!!

        I'm about ready for this Halloween season to be over...although it's been great...I'm exhausted!!

        We've gone to 3 community Halloween carnivals, 2 Haunted Houses, a Haunted Drive-thru experience that was the bomb and a Halloween masquerade (the powwow variety), and it wasn't even Halloween yet!

        We have pumpkins carved, painted, baked, and smashed! The kiddies have almost worn their costumes out! I'm dressed up today...having just come back from the beach with frizzy blonde hair, sunburn, glasses, sunhat with flower, lei, flip flops and a beach bucket with shells and starfish (and SpongeBob ;)), but I'm about over it and can't wait to get home.

        Tonight is the dreaded Trick-or-Treating, another masquerade, and still gotta have the energy for one more day of work/school!

        I am sad that I'll miss the Dios de los Muertos this year. It was great last year in Old Mesilla, Las Cruces, NM last year. is what it is...


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          Lol... Well it seems you all are enjoying Halloween this year too. You all sound like you have had and are having a great time. I have had loads of children knocking on my door tonight for their candy treats. They try sooo hard to look scary but they are all just too cute, so me being the big kid I am, open my door and pretend to be scared as I load them up with loads of Candy and my hearts melt at their big huge smiles lol.


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            Happy Halloweenie People


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              Originally posted by lbgood View Post
              Happy Halloweenie People
              LBGOOD has never taken his Halloween costume off! G&B must really want you to keep it on all year!
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                - John Trudell

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