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what is your fav holiday?

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  • what is your fav holiday?

    hey ppl,whats goin on?i just wanted to find out what everyone elses favorite holiday is.mine would have to be halloween b/c i get to dress up like a complete idiot & i get free candy for it & you cant call someone a dork on halloween b/c you probly look like a dork!!
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    Prolly Chirstmas ;) Snow to go Sledding get to spend tyme wit my family Eat Open presents drink hot chocolate have snow ball fights all that good stuff but then i like Crow Fair too get to camp out wit tha Fam pow wow go to tha rodeo horseraces and check out Doots all at tha same tyme :devil
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      Any of the holidays which call for "family time" filled with laughter, love, food, snappity-snap-shot moments, and just good memory-makers.....:2: :2: :huddle:
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        my favorites are new years and halloween.

        New Years cuz everyone is walkin around yellin Happy New Years and stayin up til Midnite countin down. I have a plan to always be somewhere different each New Years.

        and I like to dress up on Halloween too! :) no candy for me tho unless its my coworkers' kids leftovers!
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          Any holiday that gets me outta going anywhere or doing anything...
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            christmas and new years eve!!!!!!!!
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              I don't know if this is really a holiday but I'm thinking it is....Halloween. I like it b/c it the one day out of the year where you can be whoever or whatever you want and no one's going to tell you to act yourself. Oh yeah I like the free candy and I also like watching all the little kids that come to my door, they have such cute outfits.


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                My fave holiday is Halloween because I used to get dressed up and go to the masquerade party and also because its my baby's little pumpkin, even though she can act like a witch once in a while:D
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                  New Years Eve......
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                    I like the American Falentines Day.

                    But New Year is my favorite `holiday.`
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                      Valentine's Day...and Crow Fair mos definitely counts as a holiday around here.
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                        My most favorite would have to be Christmas.:c2: But I still love Halloween and New years. Those would be my runner ups.:)
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                          I don't celebrate holidays and birthdays, etc. But I am always up for the days off of work:D

                          See, these dictated days are just another way that "the man" (yeah, I said it) tightens his grip on us. I mean, it's cool to be around family, dress up, give gifts, etc. But it should be year round, not just on specific days.
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                            Any Holiday works for me!

                            Christmas - Because I love to see all the little ones just rip those presents open to see what's underneath that wrapper! When they see their gift you can see the light in their small eyes!

                            Halloween - Because they get all that free candy from others! They get to dress up in those cuttie outfits.

                            Just as long as everyone in the family is happy and getting along with each other!:)
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                              Christmas of cours.


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