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Ever Done Anything Crazy For Charity?? "lol

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  • Ever Done Anything Crazy For Charity?? "lol

    I have Just been "Not Asked" but "Volunteerd" ..To Enter for Charity Of My Choice ..being "Dementia and PTSD" as Both mean very much to me.

    "Dementia Charity" ..I visit on day off a Care Home for the Elderly on my days not working...and take Music and Arrange A Dacing Moring or Afternoon,which they all love and enjoy. But Sadly many of these great people sadly have Dementia, which can be heartbreaking to see.

    "PTSD Charity" Very close to my heart as My Older and Only Brother was Diagnosed with PTSD when he was 36years Old...He came back from One of the many Tour's Of Duty a totally different person, and not the same Brother as He Was.before He Left ..But with help from PTSD Specialist's and a Residential PTSD Home where he lived with many other people who had PTSD as he could not live in Our Society, and Be Around Many People and because of his other PTDS symptoms..He has got better, But sadly,..Some of my Brother is Forever Lost to the PTSD but I still love him as much now as I did before the PTSD In Fact..I Love Him Even More if that was even possible ..So Yes ..The PTDS Charity is Very Close To My Heart..

    I have been Signed Up to take part and raise money for Demtia And PTSD in "THE SPARTAN SPRINT 5K OBSTACLE RACE" loool
    Cannot Wait...Love Endurance Races...

    Scary Craziest was "Parachute Jump" PTSD Charity..Screamed all the way down lol.
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    I am Lovin The Cool Ladiezz Spartan Logo...Sooo Funny ...

    Makes Me Expect To Hear A Man Saying In A Deep Over Dramatic Drawn Out Competition Voice Saying ....

    Jeannniieeee Beeeee Sparrrtonn Sprinttt Contenderrrr 2014 LOL..


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      Well I was told tonight by someone who has competed in Spartain Race that to be careful and beware as some people are "Not Very Nice" ..Its a Shame really, because Yes this is A Hard Obsticle Course and First One I have done...But it is Just Fun Too..Nothing More..Nothing Less..And Fun to Learn and Do It..As Well as a Physical Endurance Challenge... But then you get Some People who want to Spoil they take it too Serious, and Start Bad Mouthing..and with their Friends Too Apparently:( Both...During and Afterwards Also:(..And Obviously Do or Did not see the Pure Fun of It and What I Did See. I was TBH Laughing My Head Off All The Time lol..

      But do not get me wrong!! ...A Challenge is A Challenge and Doing Something New I cannot Resist even for Just Fun..and A Great Cause Too.. lol..And Despite Me Never Having Done It Before...My Hackles Will Rise To The Challenge..Woman Or Not!...And Take Them On!...Lol.....I am Not A "Pig" or Act Like "One"....So if they Wanna Roll In The Mud With Me.."Hell That's Fine By Me" ..But They Better Be Prepared To Be Bitten...As A Big Cat...Eats Pigs..Rofl....And Also Be Prepared As I Run Past Them And Laugh ..And Wave Their Sorry Fat Bumzzz Goodbye ...hahahahaha.


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        You're not supposed to get traumatized while fund raising, LOL.

        Back when I was a kid, I went to a very small private school for a couple years They had this weird fundraiser where we sold stuff. Other kids hawked cookies, candy, doughnuts, pizzas.... We sold lightbulbs. You haven't lived until you've knocked on a neighbor's door and tried to pitch incandescents.

        As an adult -- gun loving Texas -- I don't go door to door. Nor do I break a sweat or limb for charity. I cook or make stuff, LOL.

        I peeled 60 lbs of potatoes for potato salad for a memorial feed once.... When I was an undergrad I got rooked into silk screening a hundred T-shirts for a fundraiser.... For a scholarship silent auction, I made a set of dolls, similar to the ones below that I made for my mom. I've currently got a silver charm on the bench for a fundraiser.

        I much prefer financing others idiocy. My undergrad organic prof was a sucker for charity. He would sign of for activities that let folks who got D's in his orgo class pay for the possibility of throwing things at him. One year, two of his students did a Princess Leia and planted cream pies on either side of his head " all for charity". (His daughter thought this was the greatest thing she ever saw.) After I graduated, I heard he again ended up in the losing position in one these events and had to kiss a potbelly pig.

        He was a bit -- uh -- trusting. We got him to lecture one time wearing doggy slippers; let's just say we had some visitors in class that day. He ate a birthday cake we baked from scratch in the dorm kitchen. I haven't unwrapped two dozen butter pats or opened 60 sugar packets to make cake since, LOL. To light all 40 candles in time, we waved a bunsen burner over the top. The icing damn near caught fire while we did it. Two of the instigators from my class are on faculty at USC, if what goes around comes around, LOL.
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          Lol..[MENTION=4221]OLChemist[/MENTION] Well you know me..there is always some sort of Emotion Running High and On Hypo Mode...And if my Hypo Emotions and Energy were ever Capped ..They could fly to Outer Space on JBFeul loool.

          That was soooo funny what you said lol..It does not Matter, What or How you raise money be it..Physical Things like Me or Baking and Making Things like yourself..We are All Equal As One, and Painted With The Same Brush...So Nobody Is Thought Any Better or Judged Any Different by What They Do and What They Offer:)

          I am not worried about what has been said about the Spartan Sprint tbh..Yes..I was annoyed as it is supposed to be Challenging, But Fun Too...and sadly you get too many Big Men & Women with Big Heads And Luv Themselves Syndromes lol...

          I have always Sprinted/Run from a small child ..Was Track 100/400/1000 metres Flat ..School Champion,...400metres and 800metres Hurdle School Champion...Javlin, Archery, Long Jump School Champion...4mile Cross Country Inner London School Champion...Kent County Floor and Bar Gymnast Silver Medalist...And to look at me you "Would Think There Was More Meat On A,Toothpick Rofl... Yes..I am Very Sporty even now at my age now ..I can and do Cross Country Sprint 5mile and feel great Afterwards...I was trained by my Big Bro Army Assault Courses lol...and have even done course where.."You have to Crawl on Belly on Stomach ..keeping Very Low Bum Down..Head Low..because above your head is Barbed Wire...and Inbetwen the Barbed Wire Gaps there is Multi Lengths of Wire Cable that if your body touched you got a Electric Shock. Lol .So Not only did you have to keep Very Low you had to Weave In and Around to avoid the Longer Electric Cables...Then straight after Ran to a 8ft Wall..Scramble Over the Wall and Drop straight Into A Trench 6ft High ..10ft Length of Iced Water at the end of Iced Water Trench You had to Dive under and Swim Through Tube of the Iced Water "Talk About Brain Freeze " lol And Drop out of End straight into a Soft Mud Trench and Carry on with the other obstacles..I did that about Just Over A Year Ago for PTSD...So The "Pigs" can Squeal Away as far as,I am concerned as My Strength is They Underestimate Me..As They Look With Only Their Eyes..and See Long Hair..Slim and very Feminine Woman .. but Do Not See The Hidden Big Cat Prowling Underneath,.Their First Big Mistske .. Rofl

          I have Always Run child through mountains and their Forests of my Home and People in Ireland...Run in England to Escape feeling Trapped by all the Concrete and Buildings Feeling like a Trapped Animal etc...Running Cross Country and Dancing are my Coping Mechanisms and When I Am Truly Me, and the Only Times I Feel Truly Free if that makes sense..So doing something I was gifted with and Love.. Makes Sense for me to use my Strengths to help others less fortunate than me..and Very Close to My Heart


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            Oooops [MENTION=4221]OLChemist[/MENTION]. Just realized that a carry on post I did not press Submit, ...It was 6am in the Morning here and tiredness was just kicking in about then which is normal for me as do not sleep well Loool.

            Wanted to Add..The Dolls you made are "Absolutely Stunning and Very Beautifil and the Exquisite Detail is Amazing. You are Both Very Gifted and Creative, in your Craftmanship, and I would love to see the Silver you may recall I love Silver and it is the Beautiful Metal of my choice I wear...I bet it is beautifil too.

            Ps..When I said you get Electic Shock..I did not mean Severe Shock loool...It was more like A Big Bee Sting.Shock...and you had to make sure you did not Jerk Up..otherwise Bee Sting Again....It was funny though thinking back..But Not At The Time Rofl..


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                  Today It Is The Start Of "The Spartan Training"

                  Going to Hit And Chew Up The Assault Courses, With The Song Playing into My Headphones Loudly "Don't Stop Me Now" by (QUEEN) hahahaha :))
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