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  • Brother Bear

    did anyone get a chance to see Brother Bear in the theaters? We saw it on Friday, it was a good movie. My daughters cried, and I almost did myself. But them rams...dang...they were crazy!!!!

    Shut up!!.....No! You shut up!!!
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    Not yet

    my brother is dropping his boys off here on sunday so that is one of the things me and mom had planned to go do while we have them.thanks for the tissue heads up we are suckers when it comes to kids movies when we have the kids.
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      The mooses were funny,eh? Must be from Canada, eh?

      Me & my grandbaby loved it!:)


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        Originally posted by Kiwehnzii
        The mooses were funny,eh? Must be from Canada, eh?

        Me & my grandbaby loved it!:)
        You took your grandbaby... awww ... you old softie!! :Cry :Cry

        Now I know I wanna take mine. He's almost 31/2. :Angel2
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          well i saw it thought it was great movie. Loved the rams "you shut up, no you"

          and the mosses eh, they wher funny eh. anywho recommend the movie for peeps of all ages..

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            Awwww, Brother Bear was so cute!!!! I love the moose! *LOL*
            "Gaa wiin daa-aangoshkigaazo ahaw enaabiyaan gaa-inaabid"


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              LMAO!! I went to this with a 2 and a half year old. I was laughing more than him. The moose that did the yoga was frikken hilarious. And the rams, three days later all lazed out STILL talkin 'bout "You shut you shut up".\

              In all honesty, the ending was as corny as my ma's toes. I am talkin' bout straight cheeeeeeeze.

              I give it four bannocks up:Thumbs
              Got percap?


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                Originally posted by Mato Winyan
                You took your grandbaby... awww ... you old softie!! :Cry :Cry

                Now I know I wanna take mine. He's almost 31/2. :Angel2
                Your grandbaby is 31 and a half!! AND you wanna take him to the movies!!

                lol, jks Mato


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                  i saw it was a good one eh :p man took my niece was all :rofl2: :rofl2:
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                    I was planning on taking my nephew and niece and was wondering if it's any good. Good to hear it's the worth the money!


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                      I'm planning on taking my girl and nephew to it saturday for our "quality time"...i'm looking forward to it:D
                      yeah, yeah, yeah...

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                        I've been wanting to go, but it was sold out here in our tiny theater last week.

                        We got the Disney sing along Brother Bear DVD, but what a rip! There's only 2 Brother Bear songs on it!:(

                        But it DOES have a free movie pass it in!:p
               is what it is...


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                          I thought the whole thing was predictable but still good. My 2 yr old just climbed around and went up and down the aisles for most of the movie. I'll be leaving her homw next time.:Chatter


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                            Saw the movie thought is was good, but i wouldnt suggest taking a 1 yr old or 2 yrs they dont find it all that interesting but my 3 yrs old like just not my niece and the other little 2 yr old behind us lol.
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                              I loved this movie. My favorite part was...... all of it:D I wouldn't mind seeing it again.
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