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***Found this on the Internet*** (Its True)

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  • ***Found this on the Internet*** (Its True)

    ***That's me in the middle***

    2015 NBC America's Got Talent, season 10, in L.A.

    I had no idea, about the Other Natives. I only auditioned to try and save my home. The others, did it, to show their Pride in who they are, NATIVE. To be rejected by the Producers for our Traditional Heritage, is wrong..!! And the Producers, should not get away with it!!!
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    I wannabe cool.....2

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    I can only image how you feel my friend.

    If there is anything we all learned from this experience, it is that you do truly have a natural talent at playing the flute. No one call say anything or do anything to take that from you.

    You also met a lot of people that now know who you are as an individual and have good feelings about your family. The impressions you left in our lives will always keep you in our thoughts. Listening to the sounds of your flutes have inspired a lot of us who can only dream of picking up a musical instrument and playing a tune on it.

    I am hoping that your family continues to support your efforts in being a positive role model for all the native youths. It is up to you to stand firm on your feet and hold your head high as you spread the wonderful music that comes from the American Indian flute.

    Stay positive my friend, believe in your faith and always have hope.


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      How long have you been playing?

      I play the classical flute for about 20 years.

      I have always loved the native american wood flute tones and recently purchased one. I am trying to learn to play it but it is very different in many ways. The spread on the holes is slightly to much for my hands (which are on the smaller side). But I do love playing. I am not good by any stretch of the word at playing it yet...i feel most of the time like a kid with a recorder - and I am sure I drive my family crazy.


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