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  • Did It Snow Where Your At??

    WOAH we are gettin the 1st big snow storm of the season here in good ol six nations. Posed to snow for 2 days!! EEEH! I Hate snow!
    Is it snowin where you are at? Have ya had snow already and if so how much?
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    Hey. It snowed on saturday, about 2" but then it started raining, that sh!t froze and by Sunday it was all gone again. Last Night we had a freezing arctic wind and it kept me awake for part of the night, I could hear the branches of the trees grinding against the house they were bent over so far! Freezing rain on the windshield of my truck this morning at 5:00 am.
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      Ohhh yeah. Lotsa snow here today. No work, schools closed. Sewing day for me. Yaayyyy! Still under a blizzard warning here. *fun* :D
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        Some but not enough to cy over.


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          Have fun in the snow!! :Wave

          I wish we had a few flakey flakes!! :c1:
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            We had some Snow but it all melted :p I heard maybe by sunday it might :dontknow:
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              No; that's why I'm going to it up at Tahoe.


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                are you crazy? its TX. we rarely see snow down here.
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                  oh yeah

                  i live in montana!!!
                  we had a blizzard a few weeks ago, we still have snow, its almost melted though


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                    WOULD YOU ALL QUIT CUSSING!

                    *burr.... hates s-n-o-w*
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                      I wish!


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                        Here in Alaska we are finishing our second day of far so good, we've only gotten about 6 inches so far and it suppose to stop this evening. I can can't cuss it to much, the snow is much later than it should be again this year (were normally shoveling this stuff in early October). So its here and were going to be stuck with it till roughly April....(sigh) such is life in Alaska
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                          :Thinking ... hmmm what is sssss--sss---nnnooowww?? LOL.. HA!! Arizona hardly get snow it seems, only in the northern part of th az, but even then its not snow!!! *L* Its flurries!! :rofl2: :rofl2:


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                            :34: Not yet! Still waiting.. :coocoo:
                            If there ain't soccer in heaven ~ I ain't going!!


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                              Originally posted by wallFlower
                              I wish!

                              Me too....:).
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